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Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

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I have a Boba Fett Imperial Assault dice bag that I'd trade for something in X-Wing.  Specifically I'm looking for Z-95 Headhunter pilot cards with bases, but you can offer me something else.



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Hi everybody,



Spring 2015 Tournament Kit items: AA Luke, Stormtroopers, Damage tokens, Stormtrooper dice bag

2016 Store Championship Items: challenge coin, neutral mission tokens, AA Bantha Rider

Acrylic terminal tokens


AA Vader



Summer 2015 & Winter 2015 Tournament Kit items (PM for inquiries)



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1x Darth Vader Worlds Promo

10x Summer 2015 Elite Trandoshans promos

Han Solo Nationals Promo


Non-focus Acrylic Tokens of any way, shape, or form

Promo Luke

X-Wing acrylic stress and target lock tokens

X-Wing Black Squadron Pilot Promos

Regionals Dice IA

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Current updated list:



Alternate Dice (Clear or Pearl)

Acrylic templates

Blue and Red Target Locks

AA Imperial Boba Fett

AA Lando

AA Colonel Jendon

AA Mauler Mithel


Imperial Assault Alternate Dice

Imperial Assault AA AT-ST

Imperial Assault AA Han Solo



AA Han Solo (Worlds 2015)

AA Raider-class Corvette

AA CR90 Corvette

AA Scum Boba Fett

AA Han Solo (Winter 2014)

AA Biggs Darklighter

AA Tycho Celchu

AA Soontir Fell

AA Scimitar Squadron Pilot

AA Academy Pilot


Acrylic Focus Tokens (frosted light green)

Acrylic cloak token

Acrylic Range Ruler 2015 (red)

Acrylic Range Ruler 2016 (blue)

Store Champ Challenge Coin

Millennium Falcon NIB

YT-2400 NIB


Armada AA Imperial Star Destroyer

Armada AA TIE Fighter

Armada AA Grand Moff Tarkin

Armada AA X-wing


IA AA Darth Vader

IA AA Luke Skywalker

IA AA Stormtrooper

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Der Vollie does that mean you completed a trade and if so with who?

so I can update the front page

thank you


I completed two trades (USA - Germany), one with ThatJakeGuy and one with RogueLieutenant.


Everything worked wonderful!

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Imperial Assault

2x Stormtrooper (german)
2x Trandoshan Hunter (german)

​1x Chewbacca (german)

1x Dengar (german)

​2x Royal Guard (german)
2x Bantha Rider (Store Championship 2016, german)

1x AT-ST (Regional 2015, german)

2x C-3PO (Regional 2016, german)

1x Challenge Coin (Store Championship 2016)

2x Set of Focus Tokens (5 Pieces)

​2x Set of Stun Tokens (5 Pieces)

2x Set of Mission Tokens (5 Pieces)

​1x Set of Terminal Tokens (Regional 2015, 5 Pieces)

​1x Set of Crate Tokens (Regional 2016, 5 Pieces)



Imperial Assault

1x Set of Damage Tokens (10 Pieces)


1x Lando Calrissian (Nationals 2013)
1x Boba Fett (Worlds 2013)
1x Darth Vader (Worlds 2014)
1x Han Solo (Worlds 2015)

​1x BB-8 (Open 2016)

2x T70 / TIE/FO Dual-Card (Open 2016)

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Updated trade list

Have for trade:

X wing

Acrylic extra munitions tokens 5x

Acrylic cloak tokens 3x

Luke alt art (nationals '15 polish)

Vader alt art (winter 15)

Han/Boba oversized/double sided

Han alt art (game night )

Dash alt art

Academy pilot alt art

Scimitar Sqd pilot alt art 3x

Push the limit alt art 3x

Recon Specialst alt art 3x

Gunner alt art 3x

Dice bag (spring '15 tie)

Dice bag (summer '15 x wing)

Dice bag (winter '15 falcon)

Imperial Assault

Chewie alt art (winter '15)

Elite Trandoshan (Summer '15)

Elite Stormtrooper (Spring '15)

Elite Rebel Trooper (winter '15)

Acrylic stun tokens 5x


Neb B alt art

Gladiator alt art

ISD alt art (sullust)

Tie Fighter Sqd alt art

X wing Sqd alt art

Dice bag (spring '15)

Dice bag (summer'15)

Dice bag (winter '15)


X wing

Boba alt art (imp)

Lando alt art

Guri alt art

CR 90 alt art

Raider alt art

Acrylic shield tokens 10x (or any smaller amount too)

Acrylic critical 5x

Acrylic target locks 6-10

Acrylic manuever templates

Promo dice (any of the three)

Y wing card box

Tie fighter card box

Twin laser turret 2x


Tie interceptor expac 2x (really only need alpha and avenger base token and cards)

2016 store championship challenge coin

Imperial Assault

Han Solo alt art

Bantha rider alt art

Acrylic objective tokens 5x

Acrylic activation tokens

Promo dice (any)

2016 store championship challenge coin

Ally and villain packs


Raider alt art

Mon Mothma alt art

Tarkin alt art

Acrylic defense tokens

Acrylic range/movement

Neb B expac

Corvette expac

Raider expac

Located in the continental US, but will trade worldwide. I have good trades listed here. I will consider any offers. Thanks.

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