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Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

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Had a good trade with @macmastermind!

I have Opened 2017 Worlds Card Box and an unopened one. A set of five shiny Crates from worlds. And some Regionals 2015 terminals.

Looking for acrylic damage tokens, Imperial Assault Store Championship 2017 swag (red terminals, point dial, acrylic junk droid) and/or Q2 kit stuff (RGC alt art and hidden tokens)

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Random, but I've got a copy of the Star Wars LCG Core Set & Balance of the Force Expansion (both opened, but never played). Would be willing to trade for a couple Alt Arts/Elite cards you only get one-per-box.

Specifically looking for the Vader & Royal Guard Champion Alt Arts.

I also have some X-Wing Alt Arts I wouldn't mind trading out, including Disco Vader, Tactician, C-3P0, Veteran Instincts, and Gunner, to name some off the top of my head.

From continental United States.

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Imperial Assault WTT for Armada

IA: Core Set, open, never used, tokens, map squares etc still on card. Core set Stormtroopers and creatures have base paint coat. 
Expansions, all unopened:
Wookie Warriors
Grand Inquisitor 

Looking to see if anyone has Armada they want to trade for - ships, squads, upgrade cards, maneuver tool, dice etc. 

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blue/green/black/white regionals dice. 

Acrylic tokens:terminals, crates, etc

AA cards for iconic characters: Chewie/Han/Boba/Vader/Leia/Obi-Wan

other cool stuff



Acrylic Red Terminal tokens

Scum deployment tracker

red/yellow regionals dice

Bossk Victory Point dial

Red victory point dial

Acrylic Weaken tokens

Acrylic Stun tokens

Acrylic Focus tokens

Acrylic Hidden tokens


AA Lando

AA Unshakable 

AA Imperial officer (double sided)

AA Tusken Raider (double sided)

AA Wampa (double sided)

AA General Weiss

AA Trandoshan

AA Rebel Trooper

AA Stormtrooper  

AA Royal Guard Champion 

AA Royal Guard

AA Alliance Smuggler 

AA Rebel Saboteur 

AA Junk Droid/Acrylic Junk Droid Token

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New swag

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  • AA C-3P0
  • AA Academy Pilot
  • AA Push the Limit
  • AA Gunner
  • AA Recon Specialist
  • AA Hera Syndulla
  • AA Recon Specialist
  • AA Predator
  • Acrylic Cloak Tokens
  • Dual Sided Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader ship card (Father's Day 2016)
  • "Paul Heaver" Biggs Darklighter card courtesy of Krayt Squadron from Worlds 2017

Imperial Assault

  • Red Store Championship Acrylic Terminals
  • AA Unshakeable
  • 2017 Store Champs Score Dial
  • AA Rebel Troopers
  • AA Trandoshan Hunters
  • AA Luke Skywalker
  • AA C-3PO
  • AA Leia Organa (Worlds 2016)
  • AA Chewbacca
  • AA Imperial Officer
  • Acrylic Focus Tokens
  • Acrylic Stun Tokens
  • Acrylic Crates


  • AA X-Wing Squadron
  • Acrylic Squadron Tokens
  • Star Destroyer Dice Bags




Imperial Assault

  • Wound Dial
  • Imperial Deployment Tracker Cards
  • Nationals Obi-Wan
  • AA Royal Guard Champion
  • AA Tusken Raiders
  • Nationals Objective Tokens
  • Elite Weequay card
  • Elite Jet Trooper Card


  • AA Bossk
  • Scavenger Crane Upgrade Card
  • Acrylic Focus Tokens (Frosted Green)
  • Aurebesh Lothal Rebel
  • AA Veteran Instincts


  • Non-EotE rulebooks, any starter kits, and any sourcebooks (May be willing to trade from my private collection)
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I have the following for IA.


2 x Green + 3 x White Clear Dice for IA (Regional 2016)

1 x Black, 1 x Blue, 3 x Red + 4 x Yellow Clear Dice


AA Bantha Rider

AA Grand Inquisitor

2 x AA Unshakable

2 x AA Tuscan Raider

3 x AA Imperial Officer

3 x AA Rebel Saboteur

4 x AA Lando Calrissian

20 x Mercenary Deployment Card Damage Trackers

3 x Orange Damage Dials

4 x Red Acrylic VP Dial (2017)

3 x (5) Acrylic Terminals

Rebel Damage Trackers

2 x (5) Hidden Acrylic Tokens

Summer 2016 Challenge Coin (Boba’s Helmet)


Want – IA

Orange Acrylic Damage tokens (1, 3 + 5)

Elite Weequay Deployment Card

Regular HK Assassin Deployment Card

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Located in Germany, will trade international




- AA Chewie

- AA Leia

- AA Vader



- AA Nexu (engl.)

- AA Dengar (engl.)

- AA Boba (german)

- AA Smuggler (engl.)

- AA Tusken (engl.)

- AA Unshakable (engl. and german)

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Located in Australia, will trade internationally  


AA Nexu

AA Obi wan




AA Inqusitor

AA Lando

AA Bantha

AA Unshakable

Red Store Champs terminals

Red Store Champs VP dial

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I'm just getting started with IA here, so:


Any Imperial expansion (specifically 1st wave would be best)



  • AA X-Wing 
  • 2x AA "Rapid Reload" 
  • CR90 Corvette, Nebulon-B Frigate, and X-Wings from core set (with cards, bases, dials, etc)


  • 2x TIE/fo from TFA Core Set
  • 2x TIE fighter (standard) from classic Core Set

Dials, bases, and pilot cards included.

I'm in TX, USA, but willing to ship to any US location.

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