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Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

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Welcome to the Big Imperial Assault Trade Thread!

Please feel free to trade upgrades, promos and models amongst your peers in order to get the collection you desire. List your Wants, Haves, and Location in order to set up the trade. You can also trade non imperial assault  figures or goods (40k, Netrunner cards, other LCGS), so long as you stick to trading.


Please note, however, that cash is not considered a tradeable commodity.

WonderWAAAGH, on 26 Jun 2014 - 07:59 AM, said:

As per the Terms of Use, also linked at the very bottom of the page:


In order to access some features of the FFG Website, you may be required to register an account. By registering an account, you agree to the following in addition to all other applicable terms:

You will not use the account for commercial purposes, except as expressly provided herein and/or with express written consent from FFG.

Trading would technically be commerce, but FFG seems okay with it. They have, however, locked threads where people were actively trying to sell their wares (on eBay, for example).

Edit: here's a thread that received a moderator response: http://community.fan...ickbait-topic/.

FFG Webmaster, on 03 Jun 2014 - 11:14 PM, said:

Using the forums for financial gain is against our terms of use, and will be removed.

Approved Traders

The following is a list of traders who have been acknowledged as successful by others in the thread. Each 'X'next to the name marks an additional acknowledgement. Thus a poster with only a name has completed one acknowledged successful trade. A poster with a name and an X has completed two trades, so on and so forth.will be the same as the X-wing trade thread

All in



animattor78 XX

Arviss X


Brownj23 XX




DekoPuma XXXX


Der Vollie XX


Elanthus X





gamenightdave XX


KalEl814. XX


Keoki XX

macmastermind X

Masterchiefspiff XXXXXX



Nitratas XXXX


RogueLieutenant XXXXXXXXX

seef1033 X

ShadowLink0987 X


Silent KIller X

sonny sixshooter


ThatJakeGuy XXX



Vykk Draygo XXXX

wblackthorn XXXX

Confirmed Aces:

These traders have complete six or more successful trades, giving them their name and five X's on the fuselage.



These traders have failed to complete trades on this and/or other boards and should not be trusted.


Kaxel Vofer




Please Keep this thread just for trades please

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so my wants:


Official FFG: Elite Trandoshan Hunter (Adepticon, NOT summer kit alternate art card)

Official acrylic activation tokens



official FFG Luke Skywalker art x1 (spring 2015 kit)

Official FFG IG 88 alternate art x1 (summer 2015 kit)

Official FFG Elite Trandoshan Hunter x2 (summer 2015 kit)

Official FFG Elite Storm trooper x2 (spring 2015 kit)


a limited number of armada promos (please see the armada trade thread)

a large number of X-wing promos (please see the x-wing trade thread)


i'm in the UK and willing to trade most places in the world

updated with new wants

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I'm apparently illiterate and ordered too many of some expansions.





C-3P0 & R2-D2 expansion

Han Solo



Make me an offer!


Updated 22 Sep 2015

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UPDATED: 1st October


Don't suppose anyone can help, (UK based, but can post if willing):




Imperial Assault: Core Set

Armada: Concentrate Fire tokens (Spring - appear to have lost mine...!)




Imp. Assault: Han Solo (Nationals)

Imp. Assault: AT-ST alt art (Regionals)

Imp Assault: Terminal Tokens (Regionals)

Imp Assault: Translucent Dice (2015 Regionals)

Imp. Assault: IG88 alt art (summer)

Imp. Assault: stormtrooper alt art (Spring)

Imp. Assault: trandoshan hunter (summer)

Imp. Assault: focus tokens (summer)

Imp. Assault: dice bag trooper (spring)

Imp. Assault: dice bag blaster (summer)

Armada: Mon Mothma

Armada: Assault Frigate mark 2 alt art (summer)

Armada: TIE fighter alt art (summer)

Armada: Navigate tokens (summer)

Armada: Dice bag (summer)

Edited by PedroK

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Han Solo (alt art)

Luke Skywalker (alt art)

Acrylic Terminal Tokens

Storm trooper Dice Bag


Acrylic Damage Tokens

Elite Trandoshan Hunter (Adepticon, NOT summer kit alternate art card)

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X-Wing Miniatures

1x Spring Kit 2015 acrylic range ruler

1x Spring Kit 2015 TIE Fighter dice bag

4x Spring Kit 2015 alternate art Push the Limit

1x Store Championships 2015 alternate art Soontir Fel



Star Wars: The Card Game

2x Star Wars: The Card Game core set

2x Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion

1x The Desolation of Hoth force pack

1x The Search for Skywalker force pack

1x A Dark Time force pack

2x Emperor's Royal Guard alternate art card




A lot of figures from the older sets towards the beginning of the game up to the Amazing Spider-Man set from 2013 when I stopped collecting. A couple of the resource figures and a Colossal Galactus from the Galactic Guardians set. 400+ figures in total, willing to trade all or some of them. All come with their cards in a binder as well. Also maps, I have like 6 maps, dice, object tokens, special objects, i think a couple of the team packs from Streets of Gotham. I was really into this game.





Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault core set

Han Solo ally pack

Boba Fett villain pack

Twin Shadows expansion

R2-D2 & C-3PO expansion



X-Wing Miniatures

1x K-Wing

1x TIE Punisher

1x Hound's Tooth

2x Kihraxz

1x Lambda-Class Shuttle

1x Imperial Raider huge ship

1x Tantive IV huge ship

1x Rebel Transport huge ship



Obviously as this is an Imperial Assault thread in the Imperial Assault forums, that game is a higher priority in terms of wants. All wants are listed in order of most wanted to least wanted.


*EDIT* I'll add that I'm in Florida and open to offers. Just send me a message and all that.

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Nothing exceptionally unique

I have one of every expansion so far, and the lack of tournament scene means I will likely not mind trading off command cards.


Armada alternate arts and acrylic tokens

IA alternate arts a d acrylic tokens

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Looking to trade my IG-88 alternate art card for Luke Skywalker alternate art or Tycho (X-Wing) alternate art card.

I'm Ghost_Rider on HCRealms and on Ebay I'm h00d4m4n if you require references.  I'm also in Canada if that matters.  Thanks!

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Imperial Assault acrylic Focus tokens
Imperial Assault acrylic activation tokens
Imperial Assault acrylic Initiative token
Imperial Assault Twin Shadows
Imperial Assault Wave 2 and 3 expansion packs
X-wing Wave 7 expansions

X-wing Acrylic Focus tokens (dark green, 2013 Regionals)




X-wing Alt art Cards:
Luke Skywalker (Regionals)
Luke Skywalker (Nationals, PL edition)
Soontir Fel
Ten Numb
Boba Fett (Scum)
Boba Fett (Scum, PL edition)
Dagger squad pilot x3

X-wing Dice:
Transparent (2014 regionals)
Marble (2015 regionals)
Extra set dice from core set

X-wing Tokens:
10 shield tokens (2015 regionals)
10 evade tokens (2014 regionals)

All items are in mint condition, never used. Cards will ship in sleeve.
I'm based in Lithuania, but will ship it worldwide.

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ok on the note above do people want me to add the trade history of our traders from the armada and x-wing big trade threads i'm willing if people want me too.

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to transfer the list over. The Baron is using a system wher you are listed as an ace after so many trades. It would help to show people good traders who may not frequent the other boards.

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update to my trades

armada wants
tarkin AA worlds promo

x wing wants

AA darth vader worlds promo 2014
Acrylic FFG crit tokens
AA Guri (trade pending)

imperial assault wants

AA transdolan (from con not the game night kit)
FFG acrylic activation tokens

have for trade
FFG navigation tokens acrylic x10
FFG concentrated fire tokens acrylic x5
AA sullust star destroyer x2
AA Nebulon B x2
AA tie fighter x2

Imperial assault trades
AA Elite storm troopers
AA Elite Transdolons
FFG acrylic focus tokens

X-wing trades
FFG acrylic focus tokens from kit (light green)
FFG acrylic evade tokens from kit (light green
FFG acrylic stress tokens
AA biggs darklighter
i have other X-wing stuff but some of it will be traded for the guri so not sure whats left yet

i'm in the UK and  willing to trade to most the world

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Looking for:

Imperial Assault FFG Damage Tokens (the more the better)

Imperial Assault FFG Activation Tokens

Imperial Assault FFG Translucent Dice

Imperial Assault Expansion packs - quite a few of them so send your offers



X-Wing Alt Art Luke Polish Edition (2015 Nationals) 

5x X-Wing FFG Shield Tokens (2015 Regionals)

X-Wing Alt Art Scum Boba (2015 Regionals)

3x Imperial Assault Alt Art AT-ST (2015 Regionals)

5x Imperial Assault FFG Terminal Tokens

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