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Questions about healing wounds

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Hello everybody! 


Am I understanding this well: the only way to flip a Severe Wound to its Minor side is by visiting a Location with a Heart icon below its Banner? I.e. the Rest Action cannot be used to flip two Severe Wounds to their Minor side (or cure a Minor wound and flip a Severe) - there is nothing in the rules that would even insinuate that. 


Also there is this rule: 


If all of his woundable action spaces are occupied by wound tokens, the hero must perform the rest action as his next action.


Is this a restriction on usage of abilities from Development, Good Fortune and (some) Investigation Cards, which would possibly lead to healing the wounds; considering its stating what is beyond obvious, and specifying that it must occur (i.e. even if a player uses something to heal a wound or two, he still MUST rest as his first next action)? 


Additionally, I have a question regarding Yarpen's Armour: 


When Yarpen performs a rest action, he can remove a wound token from one of his armor spaces.


Does this mean that: 


1) When Yarpen rests, he can remove one wound from his Armour in addition to the traditional the severe (or two minor) wound(s)? Or,

2) He treats the armor the same way as any remaining woundable places. Or,

3) He can use the rest action two heal 1 single Wound from his Armour (as a whole action)

I'm also slightly puzzled with the "a wound" wording; does it also mean that the single wound that could be removed from the armor (if I am understanding that well) can be severe or minor? 


Thanks in advance for the clarifications! 

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In response to your first question, page 4 of the Learn To Play rules states that when you take a rest action you may either remove 2 minor wounds or 1 severe wound token from your sheet. There may be a few Good Fortune cards that allow you to flip severe wounds but other than that the only way to flip a severe is by entering a location with a heart.

If it is now your turn and all of your spaces have a wound token on them, you must take a rest action and either remove 2 minor wounds or 1 severe wound. Then for your second action you can use one of the freed up spaces. If you have a Good Fortune card that allows you to heal a wound you can always use that before your first action and then use the freshly healed action slot. You just cannot use a spot on the sheet that has any type of marker, be it your action tracker marker used to show that you used said action, or a wound.

When using Yarpen, treat the armor spaces as if they were extra hit points. If you have a minor wound on his armor and a minor wound on an action, you can rest and remove both. If you have a severe wound on his armor you can remove it per the standard rest rules. There is no extra healing that can occur, the armor slots just give him a location that you can put wounds before they start to cover up his actions.

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