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What are you flying with your K-Wing?

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I ran super Dash with Miranda and it was spectacular.


PtL, HLC, Title, Kyle, EU


TLT, SU, 3P0

Miranda has a lot of flexibility. She can slam out of an arc, or she can regen shields and still put out some damage with the turret, or (if someone closes to range 1) she can sacrifice a shield to unleash a 4 die PWT attack. This is the other list I want to try:

Warden Squadron

Ion Bomb, Conner Net, Advanced SLAM, Extra Munitions, choice of Bombardier or Intelligence Agent

Blue Squadron x3

With this list the K drops bombs and mines so that ideally I know exactly where the enemy ships will be so I can set up the B's to brutalize them.

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Morning guys, 


Last night I used a Warden with Adv SLAM, Extra Munitions and Conner Net with Wedge and Wes with various upgrades.


I won! Played against my brother's  Phantom/Fel/Vader list and he had no idea how to deal with the K...but then again I didn't either!

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I'm yet to try this out but it think it could turn out well. 


Esege Tuketu — K-Wing 28
Twin Laser Turret 6
Recon Specialist 3
Ship Total: 37
Biggs Darklighter — X-Wing 25
R2-F2 3
Experimental Interface 3
Ship Total: 31
Garven Dreis — X-Wing 26
Ship Total: 26

Currently there is 6 points free. The idea behind the list is a 3 Defense Biggs with 3-4 Focus. Garven would most likely to upgraded to a beater if I need more offense. Probably Wedge + R5-P9.

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