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Nazi Gold Train Lost near Kasiz Castle

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It really is too bad the Tannhauser is no longer is active development as recent news is pefect fodder for new scenarios.


Somewhere in Poland an armored train filled with Nazi treasure whent missing in 1944, no some folks think they've found it.


Some more info via MSN...


Poles warned off 'gold train' hunt


Polish authorities have warned treasure hunters to stop looking for a rumoured Nazi "gold train" as it could be mined or carrying "dangerous materials".


Such activities had increased in the south-western Walbrzych area after new reports of a train being found.

Earlier this month two men claimed they may have located a train thought to have gone missing in 1945.

It was rumoured to be carrying gold, gems and guns that disappeared in the Second World War.

The train is believed to have gone missing near what is now the Polish city of Wroclaw as Soviet forces approached.

In mid-August, a Pole and a German claimed to have found an armoured train. They said through lawyers that they wanted 10% of the value of anything that was found as a reward.


Myth-busting the 'Nazi gold train'


"I urge the public to stop searching for the train until official procedures to secure the find are completed," a senior official at the Polish culture ministry said.

"There may be hazardous substances dating from the Second World War in the hidden train," Piotr Zuchowski said in a statement on Thursday.

"There's a huge probability that the train is booby-trapped."

He added that he was certain that train - the subject of decades of rumour and fruitless searching - existed.

Walbrzych's deputy mayor told reporters on Wednesday that train's location was being kept under wraps, likewise the identity of the two men.

"The find is within our administrative boundaries," said Zygmunt Nowaczyk.

"I cannot of course reveal the exact place."

According to local folklore, a train carrying gold and gems went missing near Ksiaz castle, 3km (2 miles) from Walbrzych


Oh how I miss this game, it's just not the same without official development support.

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