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TXM - The Tournament App

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i have written a tool to organize x-wing tournaments a year ago. Now i have translated it in english (only the windows version at the moment) and created an interface for more languages (translations will come).

Link for Download:

Note about the Versions:

A = Main Version
B = Actual Minor Version
C = Bugfix

Note about the save-files:
Until Version V1.0.0 .txmb
Since Version V1.1.1 .txmb2

txmb-files can always be read, but only txmb2-files will be created. Older program versions can read txmb2. I don't recommend to use old versions, cause there are lots of bugs and old pairing rules. If a new fileformat comes, the old ones will be compatible in read.

Note about printing:
A tried to print via programm api. But after 50 hours of trying and only getting bull, so I created an easier Way (for me) to create a good printout. If you press on print, your webbrowser will open with the printout. Then press print on your webbrowser, and there it is :)

- BBCode Export
- Tournaments with and without Cut
- T3 Import/export (t3 = tabletop tournament)
- Autosave at start of the tournament, getting result and getting new seed
- Tournamenttimer
- Randomizer
- Change Pairings
- Undo of the last round
- disqualify player
- Output via Beamer
- Print

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New Version with the following fix:


If a player gots paired down from his pointgroup, it happen that his enemy gets paired twice and some not. This is fixed.

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Fast releases these days :) But this will be the last version before the SPIEL ’15.


Now you can download language files. So you can use TXM in every language you want. German and English are ready. For more the community has to translate, because I can speak just these 2 languages.


More information on my blog

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So i have released a new Version. Sadly i missed to update this site. I promise to do it more often! You can download the new Version on my blog:


TXM V1.9.3 Released

Some bugs were hunted and killed

After commiting results the internal table will be sorted (important for print/export).

Draws, mod. wins won’t be shown anymore

Sort after closing the tournament

new catch of exception while save to pretend from abend.

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TXM V1.9.4 Released

Release Notes:

  • one language only (english). It’s just easier to maintain and I can focus more on functionality.
  • no squadpoints anymore for players. Less TO’s used this function due to the player report 100P if they destroyed the whole squad of his enemy.
  • No OK? anymore in the pairings table. This was a security mechanism to prevent unintended draws due to no draws this function isn’t needed anymore.
  • $ instead of € as abbreviation for paid because this is more international
  • If you change a players information while a round is running, you won’t loose any information anymore.
  • Dropped player will now be placed on there reached points instead at the end of the rankings.
  • In the pairings table you can now choose the winner through a dropdownbox instead of writing A, 1 or 2. So it should be more intuitive
  • Now the SoS will be calculated as FFG wants
  • Ranking and pairings table are now side by side
  • New labels for the title row in the pairing table
    • Table = Table Number
    • Score (P1): Destroyed points from player 1
    • Score (P2): Destroyed points from player 2
  • New Icon

Download here:

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Posted (edited)

After a long way going the version 2 is (almost) finally here:

First Release Candidate of the new Version 2 of TXM! New in this Version:

Improved UI
** New 3 Column Mainwindow
*** First Column Table of the tournament
*** Second Column Pairings of the round
*** Third Column Timer and logo
*** the first 2 columns can be changed in width
** next round, start and cut button are now in the toolbox beneath the menu
** the round selection is there too
** pairing and table only show the information you need in the specific game
** the autosave dialog is now a clear table, where you get all information you need for choosing the right one
** the projector window got an upgrade:
*** you can change the size by pressing [CTRL] + +/-
*** gets always updated if you click on show again, so you dont get lots of windows
*** the shown information is the same as for print
** the output dialog for BBCode (used in webforums) lets you choose which information you want to publish (table, pairing, results) and copies it into the clipboard so you can easily paste and post it on the forum
More games are supported:
** Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game (as always)
** Star Wars Imperial Assault
** Star Wars Armada
** Star Wars Destiny
** Star Wars The Card Game
** RuneWars (experimental, due to we have no torunament rules yet)
** Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition
** Netrunner LCG
CSV Import
** save your participant excel list as csv and import it
** you can see and download an example here:
New fileformat which won't be that problematic with changes

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