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400 Pt Armada Battle Report - Precision Strike

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This is my first attempt at a Star Wars Armada Battle Report so feedback is welcome!


Disclaimer! I don't pretend to have the technical skills that some others do but the big red arrows around the pictures will hopefully give you an idea of speed and direction for ship movement over the turn and I've done a play by play run down. 


In this battle we have 400pts of Rebels led by me up against 400pts of Imperials with a friend of mine, we game fairly regualy and you will notice we both tend to go for fairly balanced ship/squadron builds, Imps tend to focus on larger ships with me having a mix of both. Lists are as follows: 


Me - Rebels


Assault Frigate MK2 B (113) 

General Dodonna

Adar Tallon

Flight Controllers

Expanded Hanger Bay


Neb-B Escort (77)

Raymus Antilles




Cr90a Corellian Corvette (47) 



Cr90a Corellian Corvette (44) 


Dutch Vander Y-Wing (16)

5 Y-Wings (50) 

Keyan Farlander B-Wing (20)

3 A-Wings (33) 






VSD 2 - Flight Controllers, X17's,(97

VSD1 - Chierenau, Expanded Hangers, H9 turbolasers (96) 

Gladiator 1 with demolisher



3 Tie bombers

Major Rhymer

3 Tie Advanced

3 Tie Interceptors


The Setup


Imps deploy in standard imp deployment "A" ready to charge across the field and give out some pain while the Rebels deploy opposite and try to decide which side of the board they feel like playing on as they engage in another exiting round of don't get shot to death by the imperials. You will see over the course of the game how quickly rebels can manouver to take advantage of slow Imps but you will also see how quickly it can go wrong as I make a few simple mistakes and end up crashing into each other (well almost...) At the moment though it seemed like a sound plan! 








Turn 1 

Both players generated large amounts of Nav commands and manoeuvred into positions. Strong advance with distinct side wards shift. 

Squadrons aggressively move forwards. 
Turn 2
Corvette on left takes a shield off gladiator and zooms off to safety. 
Victory 1 (right) long range shots at leias Corvette who dodges one and loses a shield. Victory ploughs into asteroids and takes a power failure critical for his trouble
Salvation puts full forward ark into the side of demolished but only manages 2 damage which are absorbed on shields(redirect 1) he slows down and manoeuvres to stay out of black dice range. 
Imperials activate victory 2 who have a squadron command. Tie advanced and interceptors Zoom forward to engage, they kill an awing and put 2 hits on a y wing for little return. Victory takes one shield (dodge,redirect) off the space whale. 
Leias activates squadron command and banks a token but changes the orders of the space whale to squadron. She shoots at nothing and continues to zoom along at speed 4. 
Demolisher uses eng command to regen/move a shield then shoots red dice at the corvette (left) for no damage (dodge). Shoots again, space whale loses a shield. 
Space whale uses squadron command. Dutch vandal kicks it off using flight controllers and awesomeness to put 5 damage onto tie advanced. Y wings and an a add to the carnage killing off the other advanced and interceptor. Space whales shooting just takes a couple of shields off the victory and gladiator before he carefully drives into death range of the gladiator! Whoops! 
Squadrons move around generally setting up. 
Turn 3
Space whale activates squadrons. 3 y wings and a Keegan Bwing strip all shields off the demolisher but do no damage. Space whale shoots front and flank shots at short range taking demolisher down to a single remaining hull point. A critical comes up and Dodonna's ability allows for me to pick from the top 4 damage cards, structural damage comes up and pop goes the gladiator. 
Victory 2 squadron command. Tie advanced and 2 interceptors fly straight at Keegan who goes down in flames. His shooting takes a single shield off the space whale (dodge,redirect) and a single off leia's corvette (dodge). 
Leias activates Dutch who goes and shoots 3 wounds worh of tie advanced before taking 2 shields of the victory 2 and keeping the pedal down for sped 4. 
Victory 1 squadron commands rhymer and tie bomber friends taking 1 shield off space whale. Victories shooting takes an a wing down 1 wound. His movement ends up mirroring classic space whale formation. 
Space whale does squadron commands and Dutch and a wings focus doe. The remaining tie advanced and interceptors. Space whale takes 3 shields (redirect) off victory 2. 
Victory 2 does engineering for 2 shields and strips 1 shield off space whale and Leia's corvette at long range. 
Leia's corvette (Nav command) takes 3 shields off the victory 2 (redirect/brace) before sneaking up into his blind spot to hide. 
Victory 1 activates the bomber squadrons who strip the shields off the space whale but do no damage. It was now getting to basically naked... Victory 1 lands on the space station and removed the damage card from the asteroid in turn 1. 
Salvation does concentrate fire stripping shields off the victory 2 then carefully turns to avoid running into the space whale. 
Corellian corvette left advances 
Squadron phase. Remaining 4 y wings all do a hit on the now completely naked and burning vic 1
Turn 5 
Space whale activates squadrons and 4 y wings who put 4 damage (incl structural damage crit) to finish off victory 2. 
Victory 1 activates squadrons and uses rhymes bomber ball to take the space whale to within 1 damage point of death. I'm wishing I had an eng command banked soon..
Leia's ship 2 points off shields and continues to sneak into the narrow flank arc. 
New b did 2 damage off shields  and sped up to dodge mr space whale
Other corvette did 2 damage and rammed!
Turn 6
Space whale engages squadrons and unleashes a wings to attempt a screen and 2 y wings to do damage to the remaining victory 1. We put the hurt on but he survived with 4 hull points remaining. Space whale the drives off and prays. 
Victory 1 activates rhymes bomber ball who come in and in most dramatic fashion inflict 2 hit cries to undeniably destroy mr space whale. Dodonna engages the escape pod! Victory 1 then unleashes hell on mr corvette killing him in a single volley! Ouch double ship death in one activation! 
Salvation takes two more chunks out the Victories hull with his rear and flank guns before driving off to safety 
Leia's remaining corvette does concentrate fire and puts (photo) 6 damage including 2 critical straight up its exhaust pipe. The one remaining shield is not enough to keep it alive. She then Rams through its carcass for the luls. 
The rest is just mopping up of major rhymer who wishes he had a hyperdrive. 
Results are:
Rebels get 400pts (fleet destroyed) + 75 bonus objective points. 
Imperials get 162 (fleet) + 45 objectives = 191 



Final thoughts


The plan worked... sort of... The plan was always to take out demolisher first, he's fast/hitty but also fragile (compared to a VSD...) so you would see how much attention he took. Going first gave me a big chance to take him out which I doubt my imperial counterpart will let me get again! 


That said you will also have noticed how quickly Salvation became out of position and it really didn't contribute anything significant to the battle. At one point I was **** close to ramming my ASF with salvation which would have killed the ASF... I really need to work better on positioning and moving that thing around, it's not as easy as a frigate which is far more obvious. 


Also note I may have completely thrown away that corvette at the end, I'm not nuts, that's called just for the giggles in a friendly game. At a comp he would have driven past the VSD whilst flipping the bird and generally not dying... 


A great game against a solid opponent, hope you guys enjoyed reading and this wasn't terrible. If I get feedback and peoples seem to enjoy the reports I'll post some more in the near future,. 






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Some thoughts/notes from the poor Imperials....


- Imperials had the bid and chose to go second, with Beefcake opting for my precision strike objective.

- We only had one 3 x 3 gaming matt, which comes up really well. Nobody flew off the edge of the world in this game.

- Motti got vaped at the bottom of turn 5. We almost forgot that his death removed two hull from the Victory 1, but it didn't make any difference - he finally went down to salvation.

- Going second was decisive (in a negative way!) in this battle The AF did a great job continually strafing and retreating from my chasing victories, who never quite managed to get anything other than red dice on him. Losing the gladiator so cheaply really cost me.

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