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how many ship does one really need

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You really only need to own all the stuff for tournaments and maybe games against players you don't regularly play against. Buy enough to physically play any lists you've thought of, tried, proxies, etc etc etc that you'd want to take to a tournament. You'll be more apt to play the list more if you physically have the ships, which lol make you better at it.

I personally get at least one of every ship, then buy more once my list building needs require.

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I start with one of everything, then buy more if I like it and feel I need more to do a particular list. So I have two or more of most of my favorites. Of course if money were no object, I'd buy crazy amounts of each so I could paint the generic pilots in squadrons and have a unique paint jobs for each named pilot.

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Having only just started my collection I bought 2 core sets for the added ships tokens and maneuver templates so I would have the gear on hand for playing with my son and friends who don't collect the game.

Since then I have bought:

2 Y wings - For squad variation and upgrades

1 X wing - pilots and upgrades

1 Tie - pilots and upgrades

1 YT 1300

1 Firespray

1 Tie Advanced

1 Tie Phantom

On order waiting for delivery:

1 Tie Defender

1 Tie Interceptor

2 A wings

2 B wings

Planned purchases:

1 Imperial Aces

2 Rebel Aces

1 Decimator

1 YT 2400

2 HWK 290s


1 E wing

2 K wings

1 Tie Punisher

1 CR 90 Corvete

1 Rebel Transport

2 Tie Bombers

1 Imperial Raider

1 Golanti

I'm not interested in the Scum and Villany faction, but may get them once I have a satisfactory fleet of Rebels and Imperials. There are several upgrade cards that I would like at least 4 of for squad lists but I will buy those extras individually rather than have more ships than I need.

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Since I only play one faction, Imperials, I buy as many of a ship as it takes to make a 100 point generic spam list so I can have maximum variety.  The only exception I have made is I have 4 tie bombers (not going to take 5 naked), 3 tie phantoms (not going to take 4 naked) and I will only buy 2 tie punishers.  My local scene has a monthly tournament for $5 and everyone gets a ship so I have been expanding my S&V and rebels that way, if I get the chance I may grab the last few imperial ships.  

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1-2 ships because eventually ffg has some form of repack or aces coming in a year with a different paint scheme and 2 epic ships are generally useless when your limited in epic points to play them too. The only ship that I'm now eventually going over the 100 limit is tie/ln I originally bought 2 starters and then 2 separate expansions so had 6 tie/ln. Now we have the gonzati still 8 is ok for a swarm. Now we have a potential new starter repack which may end up being a different ship.

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I feel like not buying 100 points worth of each ship initially has helped me in squad building. I've been creating squads in which the ships fill different roles each time. It helped me to get an idea of more balanced squads than just spamming 3-4 x-wings (even though 3-4 x-wings are a fun squad). Having said all that, spam lists can be quite fun if you're good at flying those ships. Over time I worked up to flying a 7 tie swarm. So fun.

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You can see my collection in my signature, of all people i know that own the game i have by far the most. I started just before wave 3 and at first had 1 core set and bought 1 or 2 of the small ships and 1 of the big ships. But at those days the miniatures were difficult to get as there was way more demand than supply and regretted very soon I did not buy more ships right away (had 1 ywing and took more than 6 months i believe before i finally got my second). So last waves i get more of the small ones, though just recently got a second slave and shuttle. I like to play something different every time and play fun list with all factions. Some of the friends i play with dont own the game so they need my figs and upgrades and although i dont play competition a lot i do like to have no limitations in deck/squad building as far as figs and cards go. But that comes at a hefty price tag. Now i have enough ships to get most at full 100 pts and thats ok as i like epic games too (still havent used my third and fourth ig88 though) and have them in a pretty display in the living room as models anyway, but to be honest i have more then i usually play with. So its up to yourself how much money you can and want to spend on it, what most people suggest to get 1 ship first and play with it and then decide if you want more or not seems like good advice as we do not appear to have problems with supplies last couple of waves anymore.

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OP -

Don't feel bad if you bought a lot more THEN than you would NOW. You can always mod/paint the extras, trade them, give one to a new player, etc.

My areas of excess are I like multiples of the huge epic ships that I can repaint them (same as the multiple YT-1300s), and I went a bit overboard when Target was clearing out core sets.

When they hit $8 or $9, I bought everyone I could find. 9 total. This fed my custom ship / uglies fetish.

And don't even get me started on Shapeways. I bought and painted E-wings, Phantom, and TIE Defenders.... 1 month before they are announced as official ships.

I just tell myself its cheaper than Golf and I can/do play with my kids. And while addictive, I don't have to go meet some shifty dude in an alley to score my next rush.


(EDIT: ****, I really need to stop posting my my iPad. i can;t type on that at all - sorry for all the spelling errors).

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Buying two is a good guide for small ships if the generics are decent you'll rarely only fly one.

Big ships buy one see if you like playing with it then consider a second.

Of course then the whispers start at night about how if you got just one more you could do that list you heard about...

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As many as you want really. I'm recovering from buying way too many for the last 3 years.


I've been in X-wing since it first launched. Like many who have been in since day one I have way more of the first ships than the later ships. Early on there simply were not a lot of options for fleet building. So initially (wave 1 and most of wave 2) I bought enough ships to fill out a 100 point list for each ship. At the time it was fine. Aces packs didn't exist yet, and there weren't too many options so even a list of all Y-wings was reasonable.


I also like my orders to hit $100 so I get free shipping so I end up buying too many of lots of ships. But I've stopped even worrying about that now.


Now I'm only buying 1 of each ship for the most part. There are some that obviously lead me to want to order 2 of each such as the Tie Inquisitor tie. I pre-ordered two of those as they seem like the type of ship that I need two, but mostly now I'm down to 1 each.


My ships?

- 7 X-wings (3 core sets, 2 expansions, and 1 from the rebel transport)

- 8 Tie fighters (3 cores and 2 expansions) Will be at least 10 though once the imperial assault raider comes out

- 5 Y-wings (3 Y-wings expansions, 2 most wanted)

- 4 tie advanced (3 original expansions, 1 from the raider) Originally this was way too many, as only 1 is necessary. Now with the new upgrades I'm using them more and more

- 2 Falcons (the only wave 2 ship I didn't buy enough to fill a 100 point list)

- 3 Firesprays (too many initially, but with scum out if I'm supplying both sides it's no big deal)

- 7 A-wings (5 expansions, and 2 aces) My favorite ship in the game, but I still own way too many of them all the same

- 8 interceptors (2 aces packs, 4 expansions) way toooooo many

- 6 B-wings (4 expansions and 2 from aces)

- 2 Lambdas That's 1 too many for me

- 3 Hwks. Still too many even if I play rebels vs. scum. I like the ship, but really only ever need 1 per side.

- 4 tie bombers

- 3 Tie defenders

- 3 Tie phantoms (2 too many)

- 3 E-wings (2 too many)

- 8 Z-95s (waaaaaay too many) I thought I would swarm it like I do tie fighters, but yeah I don't

- 3 Decimators (for epic games primarily)

- 2 outrider (1 too many)

- 3 star vipers (1 too many)

- 4 M3as (I don't use it much, probably only needed 2 ever)

- 4 Ig-2000s for epic play

- 1 tantive

- 1 rebel transport

- 1 radier


I have pre-ordered:

- 1 k-wing

- 1 kirhax or however you spell it

- 1 Tie Punisher

- 1 houndstooth

- 1 imperial assault raider

- 2 tie inquisitors

- 1 ghost

- 1 jumpmaster

- 2 mist hunter


I'll buy 1 of a new core set if it exists, and one of each expansion and that's probably it from the new stuff unless there is a real special surprise in the episode 7 stuff.


I've slowed down a lot with the most recent expansions as I've realized how little I've played some of my ships. I don't play in tournaments often so I've decided to buy a lot less.

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Chrisoc13, I would add another HWK with twin laser turrets coming out.


Also Z-95s are HELL FUN to play in swarms of 6-8.   Definitely worth buying up to 8 of them.


I bought 6 m3as right at launch of wave 6.... what a waste..... so I feel your pain on that.


You really run 3 decimators in epic play?  

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I had 3 of my HWks repainted for scum.  Definitely an extra but HWKs will be more fun with actual offense of the TLT and cool abilities.  Really happy for turret upgrades.  Same with Ys of course but sounds like your an Imperial player.


If you like tie swarms your going to love the new FO ties with target lock.

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Yeah I'm looking forward to the new allegedly new ties. But I'm always looking forward to new ships.


I've moved away from swarming at this point and moved more towards more diversity in my fleets. Makes it a little more fun for me to play a wider variety of ships more frequently.

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