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And NO NATIONAL CoC for Canada!!

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Each year at least 3 of our stores in Quebec(Canada) try to have National for Cthulhu and others LCG. I was TO for Game of Thrones National last year (32 players! How much last week?). This year each store ordered game kit for CoC and others each time! We apply for Regionals and we got one for CoC. The only one for all Canada!!! We know that other store try to have one. Many weeks after one of our TO announce that our canadian distributor found another kit for Regional and send to them.... yeah 2 for Canada, but the second one will be after Gencon ( august 29th).


We want National too, but no news from Lion Rampant, the only canadian distributor for FFG in Canada. A couple of months ago, they anounce that they (Lion Rampant) will held National for each LCG in two spot, Vancouver (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Netrunner, Imperial Assault)  and Toronto  (Conquest, X-Wing and Cthulhu). Wow Vancouver is to far to go to play AGOT. But I reserved my week-end to go to Toronto.


But some weeks ago, without say why, Lion Rampant cancelled  CoC National !!!! Ok one of our TO from Laval asked for the kit to held the National anyway... but the response of them....... They never ordered National kit from FFG!!!!


How we can keep the game alive?? What I don't know, with the info that I have I can't understand it!


I'm a *&&?#??# CoC player right now!



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