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Rebel Flagship Hunter List

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This list is essentially designed to face off against most Imperial lists. As I've found, it's really hard to kill more than one VSD, unless you're opponent is really dumb or you're really lucky. Because of this, Rebel vs. Imperial games often come down to this: does the Rebel player kill a hefty-point VSD quick enough to avoid losing more of its ships, and points, in the process. If the Rebel player can take out one of the enemy's VSDs, and essentially cut the enemy's anti-ship firepower in half (unless they're running a full-ship list with 3+ ships), without losing more than one of their own lightweight ships, it becomes far easier for the Rebels to win. Especially if they can gain the squadron-superiority points (killing off TIEs to remove the Imperial's anti-squadron capability, and gain an edge in points).


The strategy here is to go straight after one of the enemy ships, and wreck it as quickly as possible.



Assault Frigate Mk-IIB (109 pts)

-Enhanced Armament

-Gunnery Team

-General Dodonna


CR90 Corvette B (49 pts)

-Leading Shots

-Dodonna's Pride


Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57 pts)



(2) X-Wing

(1) Luke Skywalker

(1) B-Wing

(2) Y-Wing



The strategy goes as follows: The Assault Frigate circles the map, keeping at long range. At 109 points and being the flagship, it's more than likely going to be the main focus of the enemy fleet. Knowing this allows you to use its positioning to draw the enemy ships where I want them to go. The CR90 is in there with the traditional Dodonna Criticals strategy, to hamper and cripple the target enemy ship as much as possible. The Nebulon-B and the Squadrons form the third grouping, which head directly after the enemy flagship, using the leapfrogging method I put down in the "Squadron Tactics Academy" topic. The Nebulon-B is not only there to support the squadrons, but also to act as a distraction and potential sacrificial piece. Trading the barebones Nebulon for the enemy flagship is a good trade-off to me.


The primary goal is to destroy the enemy flagship by turn 4. If that can happen, in addition to destroying any enemy squadrons, it'll be pretty hard for the Imperial player to come back in points.



What I haven't figured out yet is this: which objectives should I pick out for this list?

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Interesting plan, I could see it working. I'd drop the Gunnery Team (you're only shooting at the flagship!) and take Salvation or Yavaris instead.


Red: Avoid Opening Salvo if you want your ships to live. Precision Strike seems a good fit for your list, given your focus on bombers and auto-crits. It can also help you cripple the flagship early, leaving it ripe for the picking. Advanced Gunnery is also a great option, though it forces you to spread out your ships. But I suppose what you really want here is Most Wanted - pretty much by definition.


Yellow: Fire Lanes and Contested Outpost* are right out, as he effectively outcommands you and outguns you, and you don't want to play defensively with this list anyway. Fleet Ambush is good, as it lets you focus-fire one of the VSDs from turn 1 and then sail right past his front arc (though the implications are less clear if he brings three ships). Hyperspace Assault (Yavaris + two B-Wings) would be my prime choice, though I suppose he would never choose that one. 


Blue: Minefields are a VSD's best friend, as they limit mobility and help them predict where enemy ships will move. So unless you think you can force them to hit a mine on turn 1, don't bother. Intel Sweep dilutes your focus-fire ability and, worse, tells your enemy where to point his VSD front arcs. Dangerous Territory is fine as it encourages them to hit stuff and improves your own flanking ability. But I'd say Superior Positions is king, as you can deploy optimally and score some free points for flanking with the CR90.




*: Unless you're confident you can lure him into overextending and becoming Yavaris B-Wing fodder, but that's massively risky.

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I mostly want to avoid giving the Nebulon any upgrades, since it more than any other ship is likely to be destroyed. The Gunnery Team upgrade on the AFmkII is to not only put more points there, where it should be save, but also because, with him skirting the edge of the map the whole game, it'll let him put some shots into something like a Gladiator that breaks away from the rest of the group and tries to get in close. It's sorta 7 points of backup plan.

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Why not throw Advanced Projectors on instead? If he's kiting every turn, he's probably taking a few hits back at Red range every turn too.

The trouble with Yavaris or Salvation is you really want to add Raymus with them to gain a 3rd activation with Yavaris or ensure your dice hit with Salvation. A well-timed Engineering with Raymus might even save your Neb, if that justifies the extra 7 points.

Also, if it's salvation, maybe you don't need the EF. If you weren't going to have Yavaris anyway, maybe your squads can do it on their own.

I like this build. I like the "Maximum Dodonna" concept.

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I like Salvation running at speed one and keeping the forward shields pointed at its target. Once a Neb starts to turn its pretty much dead.


X17 Turbo lasers and Concentrated fire punch through shields nicely. Should get off 2 salvos and cripple your target before he closes.


I like the Raymus idea.  With concentrated fire that's 4 red dice plus one reroll with the token.


Possibility of 8 hits with enemy only being able to redirect 1 point (3 if Advanced Projectors equipped) should wreck something unless you roll for junk.

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