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Mystical Powers Question(s)

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I'm creating a Wizard to play in my Sunday noon game. I believe I've a handle on most everything, but this MA thing is giving me a headache, specifically pertaining to the MA Multiple of 50 that it's listing under the Wizard class.


My Power is 10, so my base MA should be 10, if I'm reading it right. But then the book says:


"The next step is to apply the number
of magic Multiples to the base MA. The number of Multiples is the number
of times the Base MA needs to be multiplied to find out the number of
Zeon points the character is able to accumulate per turn. (page 109 CRB)"


Does the MA Multiple of 50 mean anything when it comes to this, or am I reading too deeply into something? 


I've been reading the forums here and elsewhere to figure this all out. Appreciate any assistance I can get. 

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What that means is that it costs 50DP to buy one multiple for MA. That means is that if you have a base MA of 10 for every 50DP you spend on MA you will add another 10 onto your MA. If you increase your base MA by raising your power stat that will upgrade through any multiples you have bought. Hope that's clear enough an explanation.

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