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Lots of questions...

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A friend of mine picked up this wonderful little game, and we had an absolute blast playing last night.  However, some situations came up that we did not have an answer for.


Here's the situation that actually happened:

Someone pulled the Kraken card, and it was placed at minute 9.  Since I had the aqualung, I ran outside to sea space, and used all 10 of my minutes to kill the kraken (which put me at minute 9 as well).  A few turns later, someone pulled the missle launch card, which was placed at minute 8.  Oh, and rooms 6 and 9 (two of the outside hatch rooms) were flooded, and room 3 (the other outside hatch room) was on fire.  And...to make things worse, room 7 (the missile control room) was not only on fire, but all doors were blocked.  Rooms 5 and 8 (the item room) were also on fire, while room 9 had all exits blocked (as well as being flooded).  And to make matters worse, no-one had any grog or fire extinguishers.  Sooo....yeah.  Not a good situation.



1)  Since I was already outside in sea space and at less than minute 10, could I abandon comrades and make it safely to shore?  I had already used my aqualung the previous turn, but the rules are unclear about this.  I believe the rules state (I don't have them in front of me) that you can abandon comrades if you can make it to a sea space (which requires an aqualung).  I believe it also states that the gnome will die if it begins and ends its turn in a sea space.  So, since I was already out in a sea space (which I got to using the aqualung), could I then swim to shore (since the end of my turn wouldn't be in a sea space, but on shore)?

2)  Since you can't enter a room that's flooded or that's on fire, if I don't abandon comrades, since all of the entrances are blocked and I have neither grog nor fire extinguisher, my gnome would die my next turn, correct?

3) If I had grog, could I drink grog while in sea space?  This doesn't make sense to me, but it doesn't seem to be against the rules...

4) When abandoning comrades, do you activate all of the events that you pass by?  (I believe I read somewhere that you don't, but want to make sure, and the rules are not clear on this at all.)

5) With the missile launch on minute 8, and me in sea space on minute 9, and everyone else past minute 8, if I abandon comrades, what happens?  Would everyone else die, and I win?  The rules state (again, can't say for sure without them in front of me) that once everyone passes the marker, the game immediately ends, and everyone loses.  Does that also apply to the gnome abandoning his comrades?  Would he then also lose with everyone else, or would he win, since everyone loses?  Basically, if the gnome abandons on minute 9, and the catastrophe happens on 8, does he make it safely to shore?

6) I would assume that if it took the gnome until minute 7 to get outside into sea space before he could abandon comrades, then he would be lost with the ship.  Is this correct?

7) If the sub is crushed or everyone is asphyxiated, or basically a "game-over" event happens to the sub, if a gnome is still out at sea space after minute 9 (even though the bad thing happened before minute 9), could the sea space gnome still abandon comrades?  If the sub is crushed, it doesn't make sense to me for the sea space gnome to also get crushed.  However, I could see how it would be hard to tell if the sea space gnome was inside or outside the sub during the minute where the game-ender happened.


Please advise.


-Phredd, who was out in sea space while everyone else asphyxiated from the fires.

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