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Trust Instincts and Guts and Initiative

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I have a feeling there is no definite answer here.   But I thought I would ask anyway.


Guts and Initiative tells you not to add cards from the destiny into the skill check.


Trust Instincts is a skill check ability that adds two more cards from destiny.


So if both cards are played.    What happens?   Does Trust Instincts trigger or not?    

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G&I is played during (well, proir to) the voting, where skill cards are added.   This is where it applies - prevents the normal adding of the 2 cards to the destiny deck. 


TI is a skill check card, which applies during the totaling part of the skill check...  after the reveal but before totalling the strength. 


I do not know that this is clearly stated anywhere (I check the FAQ), but since G&I is base set, I am sure it was intended to ONLY effect the voting portion as there was no skill check ability cards when it was written.


If you feel strongly that it WAS intented to do that, email FFG they are pretty good about answering questions...  and then post it here!

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I did ask and got a response from FFG which confirmed your answer:




Hello Josh,
If Guts and Initiative has been used to make a skill check reckless, Trust Instincts will still activate.
Hopefully this helps, and happy gaming!

Zach Tewalthomas
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Fantasy Flight Games

On Aug 17, 2015, at 2:31 AM,

Message from:

Josh Kaufman


Rules Question:

I have a rules question cocnerning Battlestar Galactica. Guts and Initiative tells you not to add cards from destiny. Trust instincts is a skill card that adds card from destiny. If both cards are active during the skill check (Someone plays guts and initiative and then trust instincts is put into a skill check) does trust instincts still activate?


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