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Core Adventures, Ranked (very slight spoilers)

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File this under "underexplained rankings". I compiled this to validate if my "core adventures ended a bit weaker than they started" impression held a bit of scrutiny. I think it does.


Discuss/debate as desired.



1) Escape from Mos Shuuta (Edge of the Empire Beginner Game): Nice flexibility, nice atmosphere, they did everything "just right" for the 1st Beginner Game. Felt Star-warsy as hell, perfect intro.
2) Trouble Brewing (Edge of the Empire Corebook): Continuity on the same themes. There was a cool mix of contraband, gang wars and a great endgame.
3) Operation: Shadowpoint (Age of Rebellion Beginner Game Web extension): The part with the villagers and the Demon Moon is pretty cool.

4) Takeover at Whisper Base (Age of Rebellion Beginner Game): Clear objective, some nice twists (shuttle), and a smooth "commando-like" feeling

5) Long Arm of the Hutt (Edge of the Empire Beginner Game Web extension): A classic revenge story, suffers from revisiting threaded ground.

6) Lessons from the Past (Force and Destiny Corebook): A bit too linear for my own taste, and a climax that's very, very lacking in credibility.
7) Mountaintop Rescue (Force and Destiny Beginner Game): Good setup for Jedi Characters (I like the pregens a lot for F&D), but bland delivery and a disappointing "end boss".
8) Lure of the Lost (Force and Destiny Beginner Game Web extension): Bland, with a predictable plot. The "heist" is the most interesting part but lacks spice. Opens up nice avenues for future adventures, though.
9) Perlemian Haul (Age of Rebellion Corebook): Really, really nothing to see here. Boring mission with twists out of the left field.

Read but not included:
Dead in the Water (Age of Rebellion GM Kit): Actually I own this one, it's great, love it, should have been included in the corebook instead of the Perlemian Haul
Under a Black Sun: Not bad for single-play, but is very linear. Pretty good for conventions, for instance.

Lost Knowledge (Force and Destiny Beta): Own this one too, but it's passable, really. Wrong kind of "Esoteric" feel to its resolution for me.


Not read or owned:
Crates of Krayts (Edge of the Empire Beta)
Debts to Pay (Edge of the Empire GM Kit)
Operation: Shell Game (Age of Rebellion Beta)
Hidden Depths (Force and Destiny GM Kit)

Onslaught at Arda I
Beyond the Rim
The Jewel of Yavin
Mask of the Pirate Queen

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