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Clarification on orbital bombardment

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Hi All,


Played my first game last night and just wanted a rules clarification.


With orbital bombardment, do all units take the same damage, or is it assigned like regular combat damage.


ie.  3 x Eldar bombards (with 8 dice) Ork 3 units, 2 Warboyz (with two health) and 1 Nobz with 4 health... rolls 4 hits.


Are all three units destroyed? or does the ork player have to choose to lose the Nobz or both of the Warboyz (or even one warboyz and soak 2 with the Nobz)





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Tren, it is treated as a normal attack with the shields and morale results doing nothing.


You would do 4 damage to the enemy side, and your opponent assigns the damage to units as desired.


Units can be destroyed by orbital bombardment.There is no Rout result.


Bastions protect all units from Orbital Bombardments. This means zero effect on the units no matter how many bolters are rolled.


However, there are upgrade cards that allow Ships to ignore bastions.

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