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League 1

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Ladies & Gents,

I am thinking of running the first league of Arkham Horror. I have downloaded the scenario cards available on this site but feel they don't explain all the mechanics and rules as defined back in 2008. On the BGG website I have found the following web link reference to the original set of rules for the scenarios...


Unfortunately the link no longer exists. I think ffg changed their forums?

Does anyone have these guidelines they could share?



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I can help by providing the pdfs of the League's scenarios. I don't have the general guidelines for playing, tho, but scenarios are 100% playable this way


Also, you may want to join the Advanced Players League that Avi created a long time ago, and I'm still running for those who want an over-the-par challenge

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Hope this helps - League 1 notes followed by FAQ. I have notes & FAQ for League 2 if anyone is interested.




The city of Arkham is going to be crawling with monsters, mayhem, and magic! It is up to you and your team of investigators to combat the forces of the Great Old Ones as they try to devour our reality. Gather your forces and compete against other teams across the world, as you take on ten scenarios each harder than the last. Every two weeks a new scenario will be posted, and teams will scramble to beat the Ancient One quickly and efficiently. The following guidelines will tell you what you need to battle these foes.


The league will consist of 10 scenarios. The first 2 scenarios will require the base game only. Each scenario after that will require some elements from various expansions. The listing of what expansions will be needed will be posted one week in advance and on the scenario card.


A team can consist of 2-8 investigators. (Any number of players, but only 2-8 investigators)


All players choose from the available investigator pool. This pool will be on the scenario itself, and will change from scenario to scenario.


Any player who is devoured during the game may only replace from the available Investigator pool. If there are no Investigators in the pool, that player is out until the pool is refreshed. Pools will be refreshed every scenario.


Each scenario may be played as many times as you wish, but only send in the result you wish recorded.


All scores need to be in no later than July 17th, 2009. As with the first league, you are all on the honor system.


Results will be posted and updated right here, on the Arkham Horror website. In addition session reports will be greatly appreciated, if your team wants to write up a session report and send it in with your results it might make it to our front page.


All information needs to be e-mailed to J.R.. There is no form required, the information merely needs to be sent in an e-mail.


Information you need to record:
Team Name
Location of your team
Name of Investigators played
Which, if any, Investigators were devoured
Final Score (page 12 of the base rulebook, +1 for each successfully completed task or mission)
How many unspent Clue Tokens your team ended the game with. (these do not add to your score)


In addition certain scenarios will also request additional information be sent.





Hey Howdy Hey, 

This is JR. I am the one setting up and running the league. A few clarifications for league play. 

Yes it is free. All scenarios will be posted on our site in the Arkham section. 

You may use any investigator from any expansion. You may choose not to, and may then change to an expansion investigator when that expansion's scenarios come up. If the investigator begins with a certain item, they may take that item. No other copies of the item are put in the decks. If your investigator dies, you may choose a new investigator. The new investigator will be used for all the scenarios following their entry. The investigators can be chosen from any expansion. If you choose to stick with the scenario expansions then you may swap out any basic investigator for a new one when you get to the next expansion. If you start with an expansion investigator first, then you are stuck with that one until devoured. If an investigator is retired, they can be used later. 

Devoured investigators and where's and why's. If an investigator is devoured, please note that they did get devoured under the lived column. If an investigator is drawn to replace them, please place an R under the lived column. In addition if you have multiple replacements or other in game shenanigans please include that in the e-mail sent to me. As far as penalizing people for having been eaten, I think that not being able to use that investigator again for the next games is penalty enough. 

Rumors - There will not be a reward for completing rumors. The reasoning is chance. It is unfair to reward players for drawing a certain card when not everyone will draw one, or may not draw multiples. It would be like rewarding players for drawing All Quiet in Arkham. 

In each scenario there will be listed what expansion is included. Only the listed expansions will be allowed in the scenario. 

If your investigator dies and you begin a new one, simply add a line below the form if you don't have room. There should have been more room, I am working on fixing that now. The Location, W/L, and Terror Track level don't need 8 lines, just fill those in once for each scenario. 

Location is where your team is. If you are playing in Missoula, MT put that there. If you are in London, England put that there. 

W/L is the spot for won or lost. Yes you can send in results from games you lost. 

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