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Unique Ally Championship 2015

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AI - Galadriel, because Rumil, being the class-act that he is, respectfully bows out in deference to the Lady of the Golden Wood.

AJ - Saruman. He sold out Eowyn to Grima. This Istari has no respect whatsoever for the women of Middle-earth, and he shows none for Arwen in a series of scathing ad hominem attacks projected in wizard voice from the pinnacle of Orthanc. Honey-on-the-tongue but venom in voice, Saruman's spite drives Arwen into the West.

AK - Gimli. Dwarf v. Elf in an arm-wrestling match sparked by a minor disagreement over a blindfold. Gimli the always-ready, however, pulls a surprise upset. "My axe is restless!" he screams as he slams the marchwarden's hand onto the table.

AL - Bofur. Elrond may be the Master of the House, but Bofur is master of the tag-team. Wisely abandoning the match with Beorn (seriously, who's honestly going to go head-to-head with the guy who single-handedly made it the Battle of FIVE Armies, not four?), tactics Bofur melds with his spirit form into MegaBofur, Master of Hammer-space! (Seriously, where do you think he finds those weapon attachments and where he pops out from on a moment's notice?). Muttering about all this *&%^ anime nonsense, Elrond declares he has better things to do and heads off to do some research (in the discard pile).

AM - Treebeard. The lead ranger may be one of the noblest of the faithful line of Stewards, but Treebeard is a hero masked as an ally. He is neutral only because he perfectly blends the four spheres and the four basic functionalities -- he has strong leadership (rallying the reclusive ents to march to war), he has strong tactics (tearing apart Isengard with his bare hands), he has strong spirit (rising to the occassion despite three ages of accumulated griefs and the fading of his people), and strong lore (his memory is literally the oldest, with the possible exception of Tom Bombadil).

AN - Legolas. Somebody has to keep count with Gimli, and after Haldir's embarassing route in the arm-wrestling fiasco, Legolas steps up to the plate. With an apologetic nod to the aged Gamling, the elf gracefully pirouettes over his white mane and takes the match. 

AO - Beorn. No contest, see AL.

AP - Gandalf. The quarter-finals are no fit place for a pony, and Sam reluctantly sends Bill back home. But it's ok, for despite being abandoned in the wilderness of the bracket, all ends well for Bill back in the Shire: "Bill the pony was with them, and as before he had a good deal of baggage, but he trotted along beside Sam and seemed well content."- Return of the King

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AI - Galadriel - I don't usually include either of these allies in my decks, but Galadriel has far more uses than Rumil, who is restricted to 1 deck type (Silvans).

AJ - Arwen - Cheaper, doesn't raise your threat, and all-around solid.

AK - Gimli - The only thing Haldir has that Gimli doesn't is the Ranged keyword.

AL - Bofur - I tend to steer away of one-time use ally cards. Bofur's ability is great, especially with Dain.

AM - Treebeard - This is my pick for the winner. Hopefully it doesn't come down to him and Bill...

AN - Legolas - Tactics card draw and 3 ranged attack power? What's not to love? (Well, I guess the 4 cost, but...)

AO - I'll refrain from voting on this one since I don't own Bofur.

AP - Bill the Pony - Gildor must be avenged!

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AI - Galadriel - I have had a wider variety of decks that include Galadriel than Rumil

AJ - Saruman - Arwen is *too* good, making deckbuilding with her uninteresting

AK - Gimli - I haven't used him much, but his ability to ready is cooler than Haldir's Sentinel + Ranged

AL - Elrond - We needed more cards that could get rid of conditions, I'm glad we have him

AM - Treebeard - But this was a tough one. I think I'm more excited when the Ent does something amazing than Faramir's rather heavy-handed buff

AN - Gamling - I like Legolas, but Gamling makes Rohan decks so smooth

AO - Beorn - Sneak attack!

AP - Gandalf - It makes me sad, because I love Bill, but Gandalf gives me threat reduction in my Lore and Leadership decks.

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AI: Galadriel - Good value all around, willpower and attachment for no cost.

AJ: Arwen - Probably deserves to win the whole thing. Can't argue with pure value here.

AK: Gimli - Two actions from one strong ally. 

AL: Elrond - Condition removal, healing, card draw, and great stats all in one.

AM: Treebeard - Faramir is amazing, but I just can't bring myself to vote against Treebeard.

AN: Gamling - Tactics card draw is huge, but I'll give the nod to the cheaper choice that really adds a lot to his archetype.

AO: Beorn - Bear smash!

AP: Gandalf - I want to vote for Bill, but Gandalf has to keep going.

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Round 3 has closed! The image on page 1 should update shortly with the results.

Example of a Round 4 vote:

AQ Arwen

AR Gimli

AS Treebeard

AT Gandalf


Notes for Round 3:

Faramir V Treebeard was insanely close at 18 to 16 votes and Treebeard narrowly achieved victory!

Pretty much every other round was fairly one sided.

Gandalf and Arwen in the finals is no surprise. Galadriel and Elrond, both 3 cost allies that only last a round have made it this far. Perhaps these powerful one shot allies are better than some think!

I think Treebeard may win the whole thing to be honest, my money and vote (if I was voting, I have not been voting to keep things fair as the organiser) go to him!


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AQ - Arwen

AR - Elrond

AS - Treebeard

AT - Beorn: Outside of truly desperate circumstances, the only ally besides Gandalf that I ever use with Sneak Attack. Also, will be amazing with Sword-thain once it is released, something that cannot be said about Gandalf. And yes, I am totally biased about this. I may need to start bribing people with honey-cakes if the grey wizard steals too many votes with his flashy fireworks. A vote for Beorn is a vote for Skin-Change!

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AQ - Arwen : She has an ability that can be used each turn and prove a winner

AR - Gimli : Tough, bit Gimli does not discard so ...

AS - TReebeard : Tough again, but treebeard helps play ents

AT - Beron : Hope the bear each the stinky wizard 

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AQ - Arwen - I've never successfully gotten an attachment with Galadriel, so one turn of willpower and reordering cards isn't worth it to me.

AR - Elrond - I feel like neither of these allies belong in the final 8.  I'll take the versatility of Elrond over the mediocrity of Gimli.

AS - Legolas - Really tough call here and I'm ignoring the fact that the Legolas hero is 10x better than the Treebeard hero.  Treebeard is great and all, but he does take a while to get running.  Legolas meanwhile is the only 3+ attack ranged ally (besides Vassal) and is pretty much a guaranteed +1 card draw every turn.  I think these should both advance and we can kick out Gimli/Elrond.

AT - Gandalf - As much as I love Beorn, he rarely makes it into any of my decks.  Meanwhile Gandalf is probably in half my decks. 

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