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Unique Ally Championship 2015

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Sorry Arwen... I am a big fan of Saruman's hard work in several solo games. Many of my aggro decks have put him to excellent use tucking away Hill Trolls or high threat locations just long enough to secure a win.


It feels a little funny to put Bofur (Spirit) ahead of Elrond, but I love the feeling of getting +2 WP for one resource. Despite Elrond's versatility, I still like his hero more. On top of that, three resources has always felt steep for a one-shot effect in lore.


AI Galadriel
AJ Saruman
AK Gimli
AL Bofur
AM Treebeard
AN Legolas
AO Beorn
AP Gandalf

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AI - Rumil

AJ - Saruman.  Arwen is a staple, but I love cards like Saruman... on my list of 'want to play but never can' cards :(

AK - Haldir

AL - Elrond

AM - Faramir

AN - Gamling.  Tough call, but I like how Gamling really enhances the Rohan trait.

AO - Bofur (tactics).  How could I not?

AP - Gandalf (or as he is sometimes known in my household, Gan-chan)

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AI - Galadriel - Not super excited about either.  I would have voted for Eomund here if he advanced.

AJ - Arwen - I never play any of the doomed cards, so I'll go with the presumptive champion here.

AK - Haldir - Similar stats, but Haldir has ranged and his art is far better.

AL - Elrond - Gives more utility, despite the bad art.

AM - Faramir - This is the big matchup of the round.  I'm partially voting against Treebeard because Ents are becoming OP.  I'm also voting for Faramir because he has had to beat Gandalf and Quickbeam while Treebeard had the cakewalk of Mablung and Barliman Butterbur.

AN - Legolas - Best ally attacker.  Gamling has potential, but he's not even released yet.

AO - Beorn - Tough call here.  Bofur's willpower is great in tactics, but how can you vote against a guy that can block an attack of 8 and next turn attack for 8?

AP - Bill the Pony - Another tough call, but I feel obliged to vote for the free Hobbit support.

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Rumil - you're kidding me? Instant damages! And willpower in tactics! And ranged! And also returnable to your hand via being Silvan!


Saruman - I'm astonished Saruman made is this far, but if he did - maybe all is not lost? Vote Saruman! :D


Gimli - Gimli has an action advantage and luxury of not overlapping with the hero in the same sphere. Gimli also has no useless in solo keywords.


Bofur - despite Elrond one being extremely useful, Bofur saved my arse one too many times to give his vote to somebody else.


Treebeard - because me liksies myself some ents! :P


Legolas - not much to comment here.


Bofur (Tactics) - any willpower in Tactics is at the weight of gold. And Bofur has it cheaper.


Bill the Pony - just because I can :D

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We had some pretty interesting results in round 2 by the way. Three matchups came down to a single vote! 

Tactics Bofur, Gamling and Spirit Bofur (both copies of Bofur!) hung in and stayed in the competition thanks to one persons vote. Will any of them advance past the next round however? Also no one received 0 votes this time, even Denethor and Barliman got one vote each! 

Also for all those who complained about Faramir/Quickbeam. Their match up really wasn't even that close..... many other matchups were much closer and I actually expected Quickbeam to get a lot more votes and even have a chance to win, instead Faramir had more than double the amount of votes Quickbeam had. Not even close so I have to say I strongly disagree with everyone who was upset they were facing each other so early on. 

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Rúmil: i have used him more usually than Galadriel

Arwen: Saruman is funny, but if i see, i have used him only 1 time in my thousand of games

Gimli: Haldir hero can block the Haldir ally, however, Gimli not so often so.

Bofur: He is the king of the first rounds.

Faramir: Very powerful ally.

Legolas: who is Gamling?^^

Bofur: is more versatile than Beorn

Gandalf: no comments

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What madness has fallen upon you! Bill the Pony losing to Gandalf! This is an utter travesty and I beg those of you who voted incorrectly to repent and edit you posts immediately.

Galadriel-strictly better than Gandalf's Search.

Arwen-This is a vote for girl power ;-)

Gimli-Is there another ally version that out classes the hero version more?

Elrond-Am I the only one who sees Steven Segal playing a Native American?

Faramir-The answer to my earlier Gimli question.

Gamling-Legolas is a boss, but Gamling is the Rohan ally I have been longing for since Emyn Muil.

Bofur-Sorry, but how did Beorn even make it this far?

BILL THE PONY-The ally of destiny!

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AI - Rumil, he is a tactics ally who quests for two and has a nice ability. Galadriel is good also but discarded at the end of the round

AJ - Arwen, her ability has saved me a lot on the past

AK - Gimli, tough one, but Gimli has an ability that makes him of a bit more use especially in solo games that I usually play

AL - Elrond, though discarded I think he ie more usefull

AM - Faramir, ... can't I vote for both?

AN - Legolas, I think he is very strong with a nice ability

AO - Bofur, again a tactics ally that quests for two

AP - Bill the Pony, tha stinky wizard won Gildor, I will never forget that 

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AI: Galadriel - she's more versatile than Rùmil and can possibly snag an attachment as a bonus.

AJ: Arwen - again with the versatility here; Arwen's more of a team player than Saruman.

AK: Gimli - the exception to the rule I mention below.

AL: Elrond - Spirit Bofur isn't the best way to go anymore. Besides, Elrond can be a game-saver. And - dare I use it again? - my dwarf rule stands.

AM: Treebeard - this is so unfair. I love Faramir, but would rather have his willpower boosting or Treebeard's hero-like stats and the ability to ready an Ent? That aside, this will be a close contest.

AN: Legolas - I go with tried and true. Sorry, Gamling. Maybe next year you'll have my vote . . .

AO: Bofur (Tactics) - it's not that I don't like Beorn's ally; it's that I'd rather use the hero. One of these days, I'll stick to the Dwarf Rule. I think.

AP: Gandalf - it's almost painful to vote this way. Bill is awesome in so many ways: boosting the Hobbits' hit points, coming into play for free with Sam, donating that last point of attack needed to slay an enemy - but Gandalf overwhelms him. Please, dear voters, choose Bill so I don't have to feel so guilty about choosing a wizard!

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AI - Galadriel - She is a staple for attachment heavy decks, and without her they don't function nearly as well. Rumil is great but expensive for tactics and decks don't really miss him when they don't draw him.

AJ - Arwen - Enough has already been said on why she's one of the best allies in the game.

AK - Gimli - Similar stats to Haldir but a readying ability? Gimli all the way.

AL - Bofur - Saved my games more times than I can count.

AM - Faramir - A tie in my opinion, but since I consider Treebeard hero better than Faramir hero, that means Faramir ally can get more play.

AN - Legolas - Provides tactics with dependable card craw.

AO - Beorn

AP - Gandalf




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AI -   Galadriel. No contest, Rumil is nice but Galadriel is a game changer for Leadership heavy decks, often able to partially repay herself back, rearrage top and providing a nice wp boost.

AJ -  Arwen. No brainer.
AK -  Gimli. Easy call for me. Gimli costs the same resources but in Leadership, has the same stats but action advantage instead of keywords which might be or might not be useful; furthermore no hero clash issues.
AL -  Bofur (S). See motivatios for the previous round; cheap wp when you need it is huge.
AM - Faramir. That's a very difficult decision, with Treebeard probably being better for Solo whereas Faramir is better in 2,3,4 players games. I'll go with the Gondorian Captain for his usefulness and for providing a crucial ability, whereas for the same hefty cost Treebeard provides 'just' stats, albeit awesome.
AN -  Legolas. Looks better than Gamling to me, but I didn't expect either to make it this far tbh.
AO -  Bofur (T). Same as above.
AP -  Gandalf. This is not really a difficult decision. Bill is an auto-include only for Sam decks, and Gandalf will be in almost all of them as well because of Sneak Attack, plus he has a home in countless more decks. Sorry little Pony, it's hurtful for me to vote against you. :)
If Gandalf didn't combo with Sneak Attack, maybe..

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AI - Galadriel - She's a pretty effective and relatively cheap one instance ally, and in a sphere full of resources she's a good cost

AJ - Saruman - partially just because it's nice to see other allies go up the ranks, but also because I genuinely think that Saruman's ability is amazing, and in a pinch can totally save you

AK - Gimli - same stats, but I feel like Gimli's ability gives him more utility than Haldir's

AL - Elrond - condition removal and stats!

AM - Faramir - the ultimate utility ally, and can even boost ents' willpower.

AN - Legolas - I do like me some Gamling, but Legolas' card draw is just too good

AO - Beorn - shock troops ftw!

AP - Gandalf - joking aside, Gandalf core is a beast, and again, like Saruman, can be a game saver. I love Bill, but he's only occasionally saved a game for me.


Becoming an interesting final few rounds. I think the top half is a little less strong than the bottom.

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AI - Galadriel: Rumil's enter play effect just never packs the punch I want it to.

AJ - Arwen: There are games when I'm playing spirit w/o Arwen, but my mind it still calibrated to give my best hero +1DEF

AK - Gimli

AL - Elrond

AM - Treebeard

AN - Legolas

AO - Beorn

AP - Bill the Pony: Tenth member of the Fellowship gets my vote

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AI- Rumil: Tough call, but I play tactics more than I play leadership, an in the right ranged or Silvan deck, Rumil is awesome.

AJ- Saruman: Arwen is the better ally, is in way more decks, and has received more play.  She's going to win this match up and probably should, but there is no card in the game like Saruman, who can literally end a game when he comes into play (for good hopefully because you removed that last location or enemy, but he can end it for evil too by threating you out).  He gets the vote here.

AK-Gimli: Love Haldir and I used to use him a lot, but Lore is finally getting some decent allies and the new Gimli is awesome in whatever deck you put him in.

AL-Bofur: Still use this guy to great effect in a lot of my spirit decks.

AM-Treebeard: Most difficult decision of the round.  Going with Treebeard because I wanted to see Quickbeam win last round.

AN-Legolas: Haven't used Gamling yet.  He looks great, but I'll give the nod to Legolas.

AO-Beorn: Sneak attack bear bomb dropped in by eagles.

AP-Bill: He makes it into more of my decks these days than the wizard.  You can't beat a free ally, and Sam is one of my favorite heroes in the game.

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