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Firing Squad and attack limits

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The deployment card for Kayn Somos was recently posted by FFG:




My question is whether "Firing Squad" counts as a 'attack action' on pages 5 and 6 of the RRG, specifically:


"Unlike heroes, a figure that has a Deployment card can use only one of it's actions to attack per activation.  This includes using special actions that involve performing one or more attacks (such as the Nexu's "Pounce" or Darth Vader's "Brutality")."


And that rule's sub-note:


"If an ability allows a figure to perform an attack outside of its activation, then this attack does not count toward the limit of one attack per activation."


(Emphasis from source)


I guessing that using Firing Squad doesn't count as an "attack action" since it's an ability that allows figures to perform attacks outside of their activation, even though the attacks aren't being made by Somos.  The purpose of that rule really  seems to be intended to prevent other figs from losing their attacks after an attacks after being acted upon by another fig, where with Firing Squad, I'm not sure if Kayn himself loses the attack.



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I'd say since the model is not performing an attack then its not counted as an attack action. Seem to recall in instances where the model itself is not making an attack, but it is intended to count as an attack the phrase "as an attack is used" to show this. Due to gaming group issues not played for a bit but thats what memory suggests.

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