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LackeyCCG Plugin Version 1.3.5 Online with Imperial Enganglements

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Star Warriors,


The LackeyCCG plugin for Star Wars LCG has been updated to version 1.3.5! Please see information from the README.


**You will need to manually update decks with R2-D2 (4), Rescue Mission (16), Vader’s TIE Advanced (21)/(159), Force Stasis (22), ‘Backstabber’ (27), Grand Moff Tarkin (28), Rogue Squadron Operative (44) and Chewbacca (69)** 
- Added Imperial Entanglements Deluxe Expansion and images
- Fixed an issue which allowed the user to identify Force Choke (23) in command deck
- Fixed ‘New Game’ feature of Main Menu (now displays Balance Token)
- Corrected Resource count and Affiliation errors
- Minor corrections in game text
- Obj and EE-Obj columns were changed to Blast and EE-Blast to be consistent with rulebook
Vader's TIE Advanced needed to be changed because the Core unit was incorrectly named in the CardDataFile. R2-D2 from Red Five's Core Set had a typo that made it difficult to search for, and Backstabber was missing its " marks
Enjoy, play Star Wars LCG, and as always, support your local Brick and Mortar gaming store by buying these awesome cards when they are released!

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