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Chimaera reaction ability

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So, I just picked up Imperial Entanglements at GenCon yesterday, and one of the new cards that it includes is Thrawn's ship, the Chimaera. (Yay!)


Here are the stats:


Imperial Navy affiliation




3 Force icons

2 Unit damage

1 blast damage

1 edge-enabled tactics

Traits: Vehicle. Capital Ship. Death Squadron.

Keywords: Elite


But wait, there's more...


"Reaction: After this unit is focused to strike, it gains 1 unit damage or 1 blast damage until the end of the phase."


Wow. So, as I read it, the card becomes stronger and stronger during any one combat phase if you manage to remove the focus token(s) after Chimaera strikes. For instance, if you strike with Chimaera, then play Tractor Beam to move a focus token to a less-expensive vehicle (yours or your opponent's, btw), then strike again, it has now done a total of 5 blast damage all by itself, not including an unopposed bonus. That would take out most objectives. Play another Tractor Beam after that engagement, then engage another enemy objective, and if it's unopposed, Chimaera will take out another 5-health objective all by itself with its 4 blast damage plus unopposed bonus. And, since the objective set comes with a copy Tractor Beam and the set is not limited to one copy, this becomes very likely.


Add Imperial Blockade and/or Carbonite Transport to your deck, and you've got even more copies of Tractor Beam. Yikes.


I really hope that FFG erratas this soon to add, "Limit once per phase/turn" to that reaction ability...but not until I have some fun with this idea. ;)

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Have fun with it. It is powerful, but limited in the type of decks that can take advantage of it, as well as the targets. I concur it is powerful and have won my fair share (at least) of games with it, but it is still balanced.

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