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Yu'vath fighter veteran talents

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In the campaign I run right now the guardsmen are part of the conquest of the calyx expanse. So a bit in I made some Yu'vath fighter veteran talents


Yu’vath Fighter Veteran Talents

The Yu’vath fight with different dangerous tactics but as the troops fight them some kind of patterns emerge and there are those that become adept at fighting them. These are Veteran talents as described on page 135 of Enemies of the Imperium.

Disarming Shot

Tier: 3

Prerequisite: Deadeye-shot

Aptitude: Ballistic Skill, Finesse

Battlefield Requirement: The character must have encountered a Yu’vath.

Description: Knowing that disarming the foe is the key to victory the character has learned to shoot a weapon out of its wielders hand. The character can with a called shot declare that he is shooting at an enemies weapon. If this shot hits then the foe must take an agility or strength test to not drop the weapon. This test suffers a penalty equal to ten for each degree the shooter succeeded his attack. If the weapon is dropped it flies d5 metres away. On the GMs discretion this can cause damage to the weapon.


Inquisitorial Trust

Tier: 2

Prerequisite: -

Aptitude: Leadership, General

Battlefield Requirement: The character must have co-operated with an Inquisitor operating in the Calyx Expanse

Description: The character has provided the inquisition with valuable information about the new foe and thus they wish to further co-operate with him. Inquisitorial equipment is not considered illegal for the character to have or use and counts as being one degree more common (to a minimum of scarce). When taking this advance the character may gain either Forbidden Lore (Inquisition), Linguistics (Inquisitorial Ciphers) or Peer (Inquisistion), this can not be used to gain +10 (or +20 or +30) in a skill unless all other options are already taken.



Tier: 1

Prerequisite: Awareness

Aptitude: Perception, Fieldcraft

Battlefield Requirement: The character must have encountered a Yu’vath trap.

Description: Knowing the trickery of the Yu’vath the character has learnt to be wary of traps. The character gets a +10 bonus to awareness tests to search for traps and when his comrade triggers a trap roll a d10, on a roll of 7 or more the comrade jumps aside in the last minute (or otherwise avoids it) and survives unharmed.



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