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ask about some token

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The Applied Science Division never ceases to improve upon their existing designs and develop new technologies. When Major MacNeal demanded a lighter-weight and more versatile battery than the BA 27, the scientists at Area 81 swiftly produced the BA 29-c. The BA 29-c meets the specifications required by the 42nd Marine Special Forces, but it still requires field testing...
The BA 29-c battery may be selected by any 42nd Marine Special Forces character who has either a Flash-gun Mk1 or a BG-42 armor vest as an equipment token. The battery has no effect when not used in concert with one of those items, so it may not be selected by a character who is not beginning the game carrying one.
When the bearer of the BA 29-c battery attacks with his Flash-gun Mk1, if he rolls a Natural 9 or Natural 10 on any of the dice in his combat pool, his target is instantly killed if he does not roll at least one Natural 10 on his Shock Roll.
When the bearer of the BA 29-c battery makes a Shock Roll while wearing the BG-42, if he rolls a Natural 9 or Natural 10 on any of the dice in his pool he ignores the attack completely; taking no damage and canceling all hits rolled on the Combat Roll. This effect does not apply against Mental or Hand-to-Hand Combat attacks. 9s and 10s rolled during re-rolls are not Natural 9s or Natural10s.


what happen if commando delta who got BG-42 give it to Jack o Neal who already have Flash gun + this battery ?

will i give benefit to both equipment ?




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Good question


the rules only state when you are attack or making a shock roll.


but it is 1 battery and can only be connected to one thing at a time.


We need an offical answer!!! babeo.gif

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this is what i fighted yesterday

commando delta give jack his armor

and throw smoke grenade

My Hermann able to go in and use sha na ra on him(of course instant death)

His Commando alpha come in and pick up all equipment(battery + armor  + goggle)

and start smoke grenade and fight in smoke again

My range trooper is no match for him(even outside smoke) (i let him pick knife and start melee attack only)

(i'm so lucky that eva Stafe Critical hit him(no shock roll))

suddenly commando delta comin and pick them all T-T


it's really though match. but i'ts ok or else union alsways get crush easily(in my play group)


PS. how can we get official faqs about token (my friend still argue about other token too 


i think he will accept only official faqs  thx


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