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Show of Force

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Have never had much luck playing Scum, but after having looked at the cards from Rogue Squadron I decided to give it a try, since I found a lot of the new shenanigans intriguing.

I don't have my deck list handy ATM but I had the #Masterful Manipulations", "Hunters Flight", "The Hunters" and others in my deck, but currently I only had "Hunters Flight" out and 2 x 1 resource objectives on the board.

I had played Smoova, some Black Sun Headhunters and Boushh earlier so they were all in my discard pile.

On my opponents turn, with the dial at 10 I played "Payout" to free up the resources on "Hunters Flight", so when it was my turn the dial clicked to 11 and I drew a new hand, and finally it happened!!! "Show of Force" was there, I had the resources needed and a lot of Black Sun units in my discard pile.


So first Boushh was fielded followed by a couple of Headhunters and then Smoova: Smoova captured a Speeder Bike that didn't fly under Jedi colors which triggered Boushh's ability and the dialed clicked to 12 before the new gang had the chance to go amok on the already damaged 3rd LS objective I needed to destroy

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