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Dr. Nocturne

Valyrian Steel Timing

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I was wondering if someone may have some clarification on the action to use the Valyrian Steel Blade token during combat. 


According to the rules the holder of the Valyrian Steel Blade may add +1 to their combat strength AFTER House Cards are revealed. That's clear.

And if we are using Tides of Battle Cards, as I always do, the holder has the option of drawing a new ToB card using the blade tokens ability BEFORE ToB cards are revealed. That's clear too. 


So here's my question: If a player passes on the opportunity to give themselves a +1 after the house cards are revealed, chooses not to draw a new ToB card, and after all that find out they are still down by 1 in combat strength can they use the blade to give them +1 at that moment? Or have you missed both opportunities to use it?


Thanks for any help you guys may offer. Cheers!

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This has been discussed and FAQ'ed here. seems like you can use it after tides of battle(or during with the discard/draw new one)

If you don t use Blade after House cards reveal and you "say you ll use it when ToB cards show up" - you use it then. 


If you don t say anything about the Blade it is considered you agreed not to use it in that battle.

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Query regarding the timing of certain plays during a combat phase... apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

The primary question being when does a decision regarding Tyrion effect need to be decided, if there is no timing conflict been House Cards

During a recent game I as Lannister played Tyrion as my house card in a combat against Baratheon who played Stannis (Power of 5 due to Iron Throne Positioning)... I fully expected to lose the combat however after choosing to draw a new Tides of Battle card and receiving a 2 and with Fiefdom advantage over Baratheon I realised that if I activated Tyrions effect I would force him to play at highest Renly a power of 3 which would be a 2 reduction from Stannis's 5 combat strength.

My opponent objected stating that as Tyrions card effect said 'immediately' I had forgone that effect, however I felt that immediately was in regard to timing conflicts between house cards.

Can Tyrions effect be used after revealing Tides of Battle?


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