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Very glad

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I used to see 2nd Edition as an attempt to deal with most of 1st edition flaws (hard to find Dracula and even harder to actually chase him, prolonged gameplay, randomness in day/night combat et c). It seems for me, that now when the flaws in 2nd edition became evident you rose up to the challenge and attempt to create ultimate Dracula experience. Based on the information revealed, we expect strong changes in gameplay, while preserving the cat'n'mouse chase - diceless combat (I[ve beenactually working on my own diceless variant for FoD, very similar to what seems to be your approach, when the news were published!).


I can't stress enough, how excited I am, truely. I am biting my fingernails, waiting for news and rulebook to be online and will move heaven and earth to get copy of new Edition.



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