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AFN's coverage of combat in the Nelvaan System

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I've been overseas too much. My first thought when reading the topic name was "wow, Armada got on Armed Forces Network?!"


Have you been out there crushing the foreign rebels in the name of the Empire?



My god.  The Alliance won one!!!

I win quite often though it often works like rolling dice, in the end it all averages out


Yeah, Lyraeus does pretty well for himself out there. He won our local league, but still manages to get beat by a newbie once in a while. The same goes for me, by the way. I think it's great, though - people like it when they win, and if people curious about the game have a good feeling about it, then they're more likely to jump on board.


But yesterday was a match up between his bad dice and my bad brain. I think I only remembered my Tarkin Token three or four times. Since I've been gone for a month, I've lost a bit of the awareness that you need for this game.

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