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First Time Fireborn GM - Advice?

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Hey, I'm a GM with 12ish years of experience, starting my first Fireborn game.  Is there anything I should be on the look out for with this game system?  Or any other advice you guys can offer me?

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First off get the eratta (lost lore)  if you haven't already:



Might also want to use a revised method for making a character..

Instead of the stat allocation costs provided in the book, give Scions 16 points and spend them on a  1 for 1 basis (0 gives nothing extra back) and only a score of 6 costs 1 extra point.


For dragons increase this total to 21 points.


This is muche asier and faster then as it is in the book, without altering the results you can achieve with it (other then perhaps added flexibility).



Cards for action chains can be helpfull, could use dice of diffferent collours for each pol or tokens if you have it (to easily keep track of how dicepools are shifted around) and possibly have poker chips of 1 collour per player to keep track of karma and for karma bids.

Basically some bits and pieces can help the game, and may have to houserule soem thigns depending on how well or not theyw ork for you.


Just note stance changes etc. are only during combat.

outside of combat you do not deal with these things at all.


If your runing into problems with the rpg, it's definately going to be combat related, so take it a bit slow with a simple combat to ease the players into it.

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