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Purchasing Fireborn rights

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First off;

Purchasing the complete rights to it seem like an expensive ordeal, as it would also grant access to whatever assets they already have.

I think your looking for creating Licensed products instead, which is a lot cheaper and whatever profit to be gained is generally a % of the sale or other, depending on the arrangement made.


But I don't think Fantasy Flight is generally the kind of company to license out products other then perhaps novels written by authors outside FFG, so unless you represent a more known or larger company with a proven quality in place concerning writing etc. I give it little chance of success if any.


Concidering the way to contact them;

You could send a mail to them directly concerning Fireborn, if you haven't yet done so.

Perhaps a phone call or consult a lawyer concerning this and the things you need to establish for it.


In all honesty, I think that it's much easier to just ask if they are willing to allow for a fan-made but Fantasy Flight endorsed fansite or resource website to be created, where fans can keep the site alive and create fan-made pdfs or resources.

Endorsement of FFG is not required, but it would be great if they ackknowledge it's excistence and possibly provide some minor things such as images or other to help create the site, suchas was done by Wizards of the Coast with a Birthright related rpg I think.


Regardless, a fan-website with fan-material downloads or similar idea, would probably be your best bet.

It could work out as supplement netbooks to be created, similar to Birthright, Ravenloft, and even Warhammer fantasy rpg.


If you really only looking or getting profit out of it, rather then to keep the game alive..

Well just try contacting FFG using commercial channels, or if able, see if you can contact any of the original authors of the FFG Fireborn rpg book.


I'm sure you can find email or other ways of contact if you look hard enough though..

I'd be curious what comes out of it..


Concernign fan-made material however;

I'd gladly assist in gathering fan-made material or writing pdf's for expansion or collecting houserules in pdf books for general purpose concerning Fireborn.


I think in general it be good to create better collected documents for what fan made material is already out there seeing a lot of it is really spread out over many websites, and some of them has already been lost/went offline.

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