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The Concise/Collected Repaints Thread. Keep Them All Here, Keep Em Visible.

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Just finished my Rebel Aces B-Wing.

In terms of weathering, I like to keep my Imperial ships looking quite well maintained to reflect their well resourced faction.

I tend to weather the Rebels quite a bit.

It just feels right to me that the rebel ships would be heavily weathered as they move from secret  base to secret base launching raids, and have little to no time to polish their ships: 




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do you guys varnish your painted x-wing minis or leave them as is? 


Hi Nunizillion.

yes Its is a good idea to use a Varnish once the models have been painted.

gives them a protection.

you need to spray a heavy coat, I prefer to mist the coats on. 4-5 coats at most.

and never spray in the cold !

keep everything warm, room temp warm. paint doesnt work very well below 15 degrees.

sometimes I put the spray tins in a bowl or bucket of Hot water.......tap water hot, not boiling.

There are many makes and finishes out there.

I have found Humbrol Acrylic Varnish in Matt to be the best.






a) how do you paint your blaster smge/dark streaks

b) what are you washing your minis with

those look awesome

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The smudges/streaks are coloured pencils, he has a separate thread somewhere with a tutorial, it's cool.  I bought myself a set of coloured pencils as a result (and have yet to use them :()

Hey Guys.


Yes the Blaster marks and streaks are infact pencil.

here is a link to the tutorial.............







Hope this Helps you out a little.

All the best,


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My first repaint effort.  I tried my hand at Luke's Red 5.






Be gentle!


Are you kidding? That looks great!


[EDIT] Though I do keep trying to swipe that hair off my monitor : )

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I have to ask, is the varnish totally necessary?  I'm just not sold on it myself.  I think it 's not needed if you let your paint cure fully between coats.  Also, I find that it can be really hard to paint over a varnish and if you decide to strip it's another layer to work through.


I ask because I paint a lot and I used to varnish, but now I don't.  Am I skipping a crucial step or is it really a preference?

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Lol! I saw the hair too!

I like your Red5. Nice and dirty.

Be careful though, Repainting is addictive!!!

Here is my Repaint repaint!!!




Yes.  Yes it is.  I have only done a single mini, and I have ideas for so many more.  I want Biggs, and wedge, and all the rest of the Reds.  Plus Green As.  And a Different Firespray.  And the Nashtah Pup.  And....   It doesn't help I found perfect color matches for X-Wings in my drawers of Vallejo paints.

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Everything on this page is simply awesome! Great work, everyone! 

Thanks for letting me know guys :) I figured it would be a good idea but I wanted to check first.

I'm currently working on painting up a unified b wing squadron for epic scale games and I want some opinions;
I did the sponge technique to apply paint scratches to my b wings because in my minds eye Star Wars always has that grungy damaged look. But I went to go look at the official models after I painted these guys and honestly they don't seems as weathered as I made my ships. Opinions?



I think they look fine. My own B-wing is even more heavily weathered; I tend to try and correlate the amount of weathering with the toughness of the ship. A/X-wing and TIEs only get a few scratches and blaster marks, Ys and Bs get beaten to hell and the Falcon is every bit as grimy and beat up as it in on screen. 

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Ok, I would like to start out by saying I have not painted any models sense I was in 11th grade, playing xwing and seeing this thread makes me want to refigure out how to do it again! Now, knowing disney owns, well just about everything, now a days. It seemed only fitting to add a little flare to my TIE Punisher, with some flare from my favorite marvel characters. It is not painted, I just applied the decal to the model, so please don't hate me too much. What are some good places to start looking to relearn those skills? Any help is appreciated.





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That's actually really cool! 


The best place to look for tutorials, I find, is youtube. If you're after an intro to painting more generally, rather than X-wing specifically, check out Games Workshop's 'Warhammer TV' channel on there, there's some very nice beginner videos that are professionally filmed, easy to follow and well-presented. The same techniques apply to X-wing as Warhammer minis, so it's a good place to start.

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You'll get all sorts of mileage with two easy steps.

1. Recollpr the model in whatever pattern or colors you like with thinned layers.

2. Use games workshop 'nuln oil' or make your own dark washes with very thin colors(try a black one and a dark brown one). All over the model.

From there, experiment and have fun. I like to go back to the main color also quite thinned but use it to bring back the colors just on the tops of panels and details.also mess around with picking out small details on the model like vents,lights,gun barrels etc. In a contrasting color.

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somebody paint this. :o



I have someone working on this for me.. lol.. he does amazing work, will post it up when I get it back, maybe next week. He's been painting ships for the Assault game, and has been doing the Scum ships and now rebel ships.. gave him an A wing for visuals and he banged it out of the park.. looked awesome. I'm sure this will look amazing

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Haven't been playing X-Wing long, but this is what I've got so far:









TIE Interceptor









Great work! 

1 suggestion... put some OSL on the Tie's thrusters 

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