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Card counts in early packs

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So if I ever decide to also buy this game, my understanding is that all reprinted packs (except core) have full three card count sets... but..... they didnt all have originally.


Can I ask which sets used to not be full 3-card? Its needed info for any second hand shopping.

Thanks :)

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Greetings alexbobspoons,

You should absolutely give this game a go. It's fantastic!

Apologies for the quietness of these forums - most of the action these days has moved over to the CardGameDB forums.

The first deluxe expansion pack, Secrets of Arkham, was originally released as a 110-card box (2x copies of 50 cards, plus a set of 10 story cards) that you do want to avoid, as it has since been re-released in a revised version as a 160-card box (3x copies of 50 cards plus a set of 10 story cards).

You can readily identify the current 160-card version by the "REVISED EDITION" subtitle, and/or by confirming that it has an "e" after its product ID printed near the barcode:

Secrets of Arkham - CT32e (deluxe box)

As for the little asylum packs, it's unlikely you'll find any of the older, thinner, 40-card packs in stores these days, but just in case...

The cycles originally released in 40-card packs (containing 3x copies of 10 cards, and 1x copy of 10 other cards) were:

* Forgotten Lore cycle

* Summons of the Deep cycle

* Dreamlands cycle

You can readily identify current 60-card pack version (containing 3x copies of all 20 cards) by their thickness, and by confirming that they have an "e" or "p" after their product ID printed near the barcode. That is, you're looking for:

Forgotten Lore cycle

Spawn of Madness - CT12e (box)

Kingsport Dreams - CT13e (box)

Conspiracies of Chaos - CT14e (box)

Dunwich Denizens - CT15e (box)

The Mountains of Madness - CT16e (box)

Ancient Horrors - CT17e (box)

Summons of the Deep cycle

The Spawn of the Sleeper - CT19e (box) / uCT19p (blister)

The Horror Beneath the Surface - CT20e (box) / uCT20p (blister)

The Antediluvian Dreams - CT21e (box) / uCT21p (blister)

The Terror of the Tides - CT22e (box) / uCT22p (blister)

The Thing from the Shore - CT23e (box) / uCT23p (blister)

The Path to Y'ha-nthlei - CT24e box / uCT24p (blister)

Dreamlands cycle

Twilight Horror - uCT26p (blister)

In Memory of Day - uCT27p (blister)

In the Dread of Night - uCT28p (blister)

Search for the Silver Key - uCT29p (blister)

Sleep of the Dead - uCT30p (blister)

Journey to Unknown Kadath - uCT31p (blister)

Here are details of the Secrets of Arkham reprint.

Here are details of the first couple of Forgotten Lore boxed reprints.

Here are details of the Dreamlands blister pack POD (Print On Demand) reprints.

Note that the blister pack POD versions of Summons of the Deep are yet to be released at the time of writing this, but you might find some of the 60-card boxed versions still out there somewhere. Here are details of the boxed Summons of the Deep reprints.

Edited by jasonconlon

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Awesome thank you so much :)

As its not solo play, I would have much much less chance to play than with my current fave LOTR but I still find the theme and flavour attractive and I love collecting :)

Once I have cleared my current debts I may well give it a look.

Probably try and get a bulk lot second hand as a starter, so your info is much valued. Thank you for such a detailed reply.

Thanks and regards.


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