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What sort of expansion do you hope/think they will come up with next?

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Well, this game never had enough love from FFG, and when SW stuff came out-it mostly killed all other "non-first line" products expansion plans for example Mansions of Madness, Runebound, even Descent, there are no signs for big expansion boxes coming, only small hero&monster packs and  "space filler" split in half small boxes campaigns , mostly redone from first edition. Star Wars is just what sells. Don't get me wrong-I'm a huge fan of SW, but Descent just got it for me way better than IA, mostly because its not related to any movie and book- I can get almost anyone into playing it, while not everybody likes Starwars stuff.

For other hand, Relic in my opinion is much more playable than regular Talisman, has better mechanics, way better "vanilla package" out of box and rules than Talisman, but it lacks promotion and players base-everyone one way or another heard of Talisman, few has about Relic. Small expansion boxes would be awesome to add some content for example themed threat decks(Tau/Necrons/Dark Eldar etc). For myself, I consider Relic almost a complete game out of box, with Nemesis and Halls Of Terra it gets even better.

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