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Is this game dying in your area?

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I've been fortunate to be a part of three different play areas and each one has a different level of engagement. I'll be transitioning to Houston at the end of the month, where there are at least five active LGS' with regular PGs. It is a growing and dynamic scene which will see a large contingent making roadie to the Plano Regional in a just over a week & a 1/2. Very much looking forward to being a part of that Madness.

Back here in WNY, the scene is smaller but as Boba Fatt stated the group waxes and wanes as of late. IMO mostly because of seasonality but let's face it we only really get three weeks of summer to enjoy up here so look to the fall in August for the number for the pilots to increase ;-).

Across the border is where I have done most of my flying. The scene is vibrant around the GTA and into southern Ontario frequent events with the Store Wars challenge which kicked off this past weekend.

So three areas all of which are thriving and show no signs of decay from my PoV.

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