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Dual Decimators

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Hi guys


Just wanting to get a bit of feedback.


What are peoples thoughts on dual decimator combos?


1 decimator is the damage ship and the second is basically a ramming and vader combo possibly gunner as well.


I know its a waste but the way I see it, against low shield/no shield ships this will wipe the floors as you will have


1 ship flying in the outskirts or range 2-3 dealing damage and 1 ship in their face possibly ruining their maneuvers  and shooting at range 1 and vadering them.


I know its not a jack of all trade build as I have won against a build like this with my dual IG build however does it have potential?

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Well, the problem with going full-ham with Decimators is two-fold:

  1. You've doubled your vulnerabilities to any anti-decimator builds, like a Cluster-Missile alpha.
  2. You've forced yourself to keep your Decimators at an average of 50 points, rather than the 60ish they prefer in the Pic and Gorc builds, giving you less effectiveness per Decimator than you would otherwise enjoy.

That being said, if you went with a traditional Decimator build alongside a Doom-Patrol, you might be able to mitigate the 2nd.

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Not a big Deci user but off the top of my head?


The Rear Admiral with Predator/Isard/EU

With a Doom Patrol


Something tickles the back of my head about putting Ruthlessness instead of Predator on the Rear Admiral since you can probably keep your ships out of Range 1 if you fly them right and that can be a very offensive combination with the Doom Patrol. 


Better hope your games end quick.

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What is Pic and Gorc? I am unfamiliar with the term.


It's (my) term for a particular archetype of 2-ship.

It's based on Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, in which you face the above named Dark Jedi in a 2-on-1 fight. (DF2 is the first First-Person shooter to let you use a Lightsaber, and is the second game starring Kyle Katarn. Go play it now).

In that fight, Gorc has an 8-foot long lightsaber and keeps swinging it around in circles. He also has an insane amount of health.

In that fight, Pic is tiny, annoying, stupidly fast, and deflects most of the shots that come near him.




In other words, it is a perfect descriptor for: Decimator + Phantom, or Decimator + Bloody Baron, or Fat Han + Corran Horn, or SuperDash + Corran Horn... if you know the name.


It's a better descriptor than "Two-Ship", as that also includes Double Falcon, Double Firespray, Double Defender, Brobots, et c., which play completely differently.

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