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Making the hero abilities actually useful: A variant proposal.

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- In order to use this variant you will need to have tokens of some sort to keep track of things.

- Each character starts with their maximum amount of tokens and regains a token at the start of each of their turns. (You cannot exceed your max)

- When a character has their max number of tokens they may use their special ability.



4 Token Skills:


Dwarf - Discard any number of floor tiles from your hand and draw replacements from the deck for each one discarded.

Wizard - Move out of the room you occupy into an adjacent room, even without or against arrows.


6 Token Skills:


Knight - Whenever a tile or another player would cuse you to lose a coin, you may negate it instead. Drakon will still cause you to lose a coin.

Archer - You may take an extra action.


8 Token Skills:


Warrior - When you are in the same room as another player, knock them into an adjacent room (legally) and steal a map tile from them.

Thief - When you are in the same room as another player, assassinate them, sending them back to the start tile, and steal a coin from them.




These skills have been extensively playtested and have been found to be balanced by the amount of turns needed to regain the use of them. ENJOY!

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