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Desperado role bonus question: move action

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So I've read through a few different posts about this role bonus, but none of them really address my main question which is in regard to the "move action" bit. The bonus reads as follows:


Move and Shoot: Once per round, after performing a Move action, a Desperado character may perform a single Standard Attack with a Pistol weapon he is currently wielding as a Free Action. 


Does a move action only including the half and full move, or does it include any action with the movement subtype? As much as I wish otherwise, it seems like it'd be the former right? Being able to shoot during a run action or a disengage seems a bit overpowered for something you get at char creation and doesn't require fate point use. My gm and I were discussing it today and he's ruling it as only being usable on a half or full movement action. However, he constructed an elite advance for me (calling it the gunslinger) that I could purchase with xp. It would grant the following:


1. move and shoot applies to all actions with the movement subtype except run. (disengage, tactical advance, stand/mount/dismount, leap/jump)

2. when wielding a single pistol it gains the accurate and reliable qualities. if it has the reliable quality already it never jams (so long as it is not poor craftsmanship), if it had the unreliable quality it loses it.

3. When you use the aim action you increase the range of your weapon one increment. i.e. with base range 30m and max of 120m, an aim action would increase max to 150 meters. 


He's also considering some gunslinger only talent options, like one that would grant point blank shot bonuses for pistols in melee, etc. 


I've accepted his ruling, the gm's word is law after all, and I happen to agree based on how it's worded. Just wanted to see how other people are interpreting this.


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