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Anyone playing Destiny and think it'd be a neat system for a Jedi game?

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So a couple of months ago I bought Destiny for $30 on XB1. I had originally just meant to play through the story missions because I liked the demo but if we're honest I had originally only meant to buy "just a few" X-wing miniatures. My collection now fills a Battlefoam 720 case not including my 'Vette and Transport.

Fast forward a couple of months and I've barely touched my X-Wing minis. Destiny has pretty much filled my play time and I love the RPG-lite shooter gameplay to it. After leveling a Hunter to 32 I've rolled a Warlock and I'm almost to the same point but I keep thinking this engine would be a fantastic system for playing as Jedi.

Destiny characters sling magic, jump or teleport, use guns, and have melee attacks. I could see the game engine switching to 3rd person when you use lightsabers for some pretty amazing duels. When I use Arc Blade I kinda mentally hear the vroomwoosh of a lightsaber as I chop enemies to bits.

Yes, I'm weird.

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