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Do you have questions about attacking, defense tokens and critical hits? READ THIS FIRST

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On 9/8/2019 at 1:56 PM, Bertie Wooster said:

Page one of this thread is from four years ago, when there was a lot of gray area or misinformation about the attack steps. A few things on page one are incorrect, so be wary. 

The Rules Reference guide actually tells us that the attacker does not spend a die icon to resolve a critical effect unless the effect says otherwise. If you didn't spend the critical die icon, then it's still in the attack pool, and it still causes damage. So if the critical effect is Heavy Ion Emplacements, for example, if you have a blue crit icon in your attack pool, and it's still there once you begin to resolve damage (after the spend defense tokens step), you can cause the Heavy Ion Emplacements critical effect and still cause damage with that same blue die. 


So can we have OP updated? It is linked in a stickied post and should be current. Or someone paste the latest here in its entirety. 

Going to my first tourney soon with Primes and I want to memorize the right information. 

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