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Cant believe i forgot to make my MC hammer joke :/


Peter: (Peter pulls his hand out of the officer's grasp). Ah ah ah! Can't touch me! Can't touch me! Ju-ju-ju-ju-just like the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 2, I've got diplomatic immunity, so Hammer you can't sue.

Peter: I can write graffiti, even jaywalk in the street! I can riot, loot, not give a hoot, and touch your sister's teat! Can't touch me! Can't touch me!

Peter (dancing): Can't touch me!

Peter: STOP! Peter Time! I'm a big shot! There's no doubt! Light a fire then pee it out! Don't like it, kiss my rump! Just for a minute let's all do the bump.

Everybody does the bump

Peter: Can't touch me, Yeah, do the Peter Griffin bump! Can't touch me! I'm Presidential Peter! Interns think I'm hot! Don't care if you're handicapped! I'll still park in your spot! (Ties Joe to a back of the truck with chains) I've been around the world from Hartford to Back Bay! It's Peter, Go Peter, MC Peter, Yo Peter! Let's see Regis rap this way! Can't touch me!

The song ends. A police officer is writing a ticket.

Peter to woman: Except for you, you can touch me.

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How'd I miss this?! Bloody great set of updates mate, I'm seriously jealous of quite a few of those.


I missed the Spade's primary pattern on the aft on first inspection, but I like it. Ace of Spades, the death ship, very cool. The weathering really works on it, making it feel older and worn but neither mauled nor decrepit. Those citadel washes and glazes really do a whole lot of good work.


As for the Sidewinder... weren't those P-40 Warhawks? Or Hawker hurricanes? Oh well, I'm getting distracted.  It's fitting for a torpedo boat. Your freehand is ever so much better than mine, the colours on the Dragon remind me of my highschool sports team, but that's not a bad thing either. Just makes me nostalgic.


But as for the Hammer: I think you ate my brain or I got some weird microwave that stole your thoughts, because that was -exactly- what I was going to do, right down to the trim. Once again, that freehand is terrific and better executed than I could have managed. Curses! Now I must find a different scheme. :P That one is absolutely awesome.


Those ISD's sure are impressive, and not just because there's three of 'em! How light a colour is that metallic coat on the Chimera? It's a bit tough to determine given those two angles. It's impressive to see metallic as I figured a lot of people would simply go with red accented ships. Now, the Admonitor is my personal favourite, it's sorta what I was hoping to pull off with my own but I do prefer yours. It's a great ship, and the extra few panel hues here and there really make it stand out as a warship. Are you keeping the third stock, or i there more work in the future? And don't think I don't see that Mc80 trying to hide from the triplets! 


On a side note, how'd you do in that tournament?

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So thanks vykes, the compliments mean alot.

The chimera is matte black with a dry brush of lead Belcher with some rune fang steel highlights. According to my father it looks almost bronze because of the sepia highlights.

Admonitor is my favorite too. I hit the whole thing with 3 coats of thinned nightshade. I wanted it barely blue and I think I got just that.

The last one will be painted too. It's gonna be the imortal (the one that grabbed tantive in a new hope. I'll hopefully be getting that one this weekend.

As for the mc80 I haven't decided how I wanna pain those up

In the tournament I did miserably comming in dead last, but at least I had fun. I made a new list and I'll be painting the rest of those this weekend too hopefully.

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So, the next round is done and i finally have some pictures to get up:


We'll start with the Fire Newt:






Going for high contrast colors, and orange definitely does not disappoint. I like the orange on black coloring with the dark silver highlights. it looks mean sitting on the table, and it is mean with ackbar support



The next is a retouched Dragon:






This ship just seemed too glossy to me (because i brush painted it black rather than priming it black). so i roughed her up with some grey "paint chips" which i was able to add some different wear colors to. I managed to not hit my free hand dragon with it which i do really like, but i painted the grey paint with a sponge to give it the "random wear" look


Next is the Thunder Fire:








This one took me a few tries to get the look i wanted. 

i started with priming it black, then i brushed on a very thin coat of mephiston red thinned out with lahmian medium instead of water. i hit it with 12 coats or red, covering less and less ares with each pass. then i drew out the lightning in bright yellow, then a white yellow mix, then highlighting with white. 

the over all effect is pretty stunning i think. 


The Hammer rounds out the Demons of Razgriz Flight group





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Finally got arround to painting one of my MC80's.

After reading through the Vyke's thread i decided a diamondback pattern would look kick ass on one of these. so, im proud to present the Diamondback:








Im really liking the organic pattern on an organic ship. the paint splotches look sharp and give a cohesive look to a ship with almost no cohesion. i used an agrax earthshade wash to bring all the subtly different browns together. I really like how it turned out.


i think ill paint the other one like an octopus.:)

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Managed to do a few more this past weekend. 


I started with the ISD's as they looked like alot of fun. i figured it would be a huge canvas to paint something fun on, but i held back as the imperials aren't exactly prone to such things. 


First up is the Admonitor. I'm really surprised both that FFG did not release thrawn as a card yet, and that Disney has not solidified his cannon existence.  

aside from that, Thrawn's ISD was painted with a dlightly blue tinge to reflect his Chiss heritage.





Next is the Chimera. The Chimera is Paleon's Flagship (another person i'm surprised is not in the game yet). His ship is painted metallic black and definitely looks intimidating




A bit better perspective on color with an unpainted ISD




I also managed to Paint all of my Raiders





Now For the Rebs. 


After being inspired by the large painting area of the ISD, and my need for a cohesive looking unit i stared re painting some of my older ships


First is my new favorite i think: The Dragon


inspired by my tattoos, i painted this one up



I started by free handing the dragon onto the ship.then i followed up with the other colors i wanted on the ship itself. The fleet im building is gonna have a black and high contrast color paint scheme, so for the dragon i chose purple. I wish i had been able to prime this one black, as the abandon black is a bit too shiny for my taste, but all of my issues with this paint job are completely negated by how cool the dragon looks overall. 






Next in my squad is the Hammer.


This one i was able to prime black and i feel it looks alot better. 






Next ill be painting the AFMKII Thuunder Fire, and the CR90 Fire Newt



Cleanest pair of white socks I've seen today!



oh and the ships look great too!  :P

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Theeere we go. A great organic designed ship needs a great organic pattern, the diamondback really fits the Mc80. I'm impressed. Those little colour variations around the outside rim are particularly nice. The more organic the ships look, the more it blends


-smirks- that is a very 80's RAF in some of the best ways possible. That Fire Newt is a nice bold choice in colour. The 'Mean Sally' is a high impact ship in just about every way. Bold, especially as a 'one off' it looks like a real assault ship or even pirate vessel.


Good work on keeping the Fire Newt's orange section detailed and crisp.  Orange hates me as a colour, so it is nice to see someone use it well.

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Lol - the color variations are actually me stippling the ship then deciding it looked too much like polka dots, then hitting the whole thing with earth shade mixed with a trace of dark brown paint. It just means it took a lot less time than it looks . 


And as for the orange - i ran it un diluted, straight from the pot, then i mixed 1 part nuln oil with 3 parts lahmian medium to keep the shading light. but even then i see what you mean by fiddly. its about as bad as yellow in my opinion

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So its been a while since i posted, but i wanted to give an update on some of my repaints. 


So in addition to being a board game nerd, i am also a (certain) anime fan


after watching a show called Schwartzesmarken, which is set in east germany, i saw some of these:


and decided i totally need to paint an isd.


Luckily i had one left :)




this is the latest pic of my work in progress. i still have all of the weathering to do, but i did manage to free hand on all of the logos. 



The german flag



and the unit marker

Reference shot-



my best shot-


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i also managed to paint my plane jane blue assault frigate. 


plane jane no more!!


Sey hello to the Isaribi (translates to will-o-the-wisp)




heres a better shot of the logo (tekkadan's iron flower)




the weathering is done on this one, and it played its first game over the weekend.



next up will be my yavaris neb b rebuild.

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Neb B2 Primed:




Starboard Bow




and with the first coat of dry brush



Now i just have to come up with some colors. 

I was thinking that i wanted to do one in OD green, but i havent decided yet.

 Ill put more pictures up as i get the chance. 



Making this was tricky as i dint want to buy a neb just to cut apart, so instead i made a greenstuff mold of the command spire, and made a new one. 


it looks pretty good, but i had to try 3 or 4 times to get it to look that nice. 

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