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Kath Scarlet + IG-88C

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Here is a list I have been testing recently with a view to taking it to regionals.




38 Kath Scarlet

03 Predator

04 Mangler Cannon  

03 Recon Specialist  

04 Engine Upgrade

52 Points


36 IG-88B  

01 Veteran Instincts

02 Fire Control System

07 Heavy Laser Cannon

02 Autothrusters

48 Points


  • I have gone with Recon Specialist on Kath because it boost both offense and defense and combines well with Predator for consistent damage (provided I can roll eyes and not blanks!)
  • If you have played with or against Predator much then you will know that it is like a mini target lock and at times is as good as target lock. Predator is such a powerhouse and even better, its active all the time without having to use an action. Scum Kath gets 4 red dice from her rear firing arc, these rear shots make good use of Predator for at least one reroll even without using a focus token.
  • Mangler Cannon adds long range sniping to Kaths and those crits can quickly swing the game in your favour. This makes Kath a serious threat from either firing arc.
  • IG-88 is loaded out for maximum damage output. Fire Control System means my robot isnt reliant on actions (On average I do more damage on the second attack thanks to the free target lock).

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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