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HMS Hajj

An Interview with Andrea Angiolino

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Hello all, The Wings of War Aerodrome is please to bring you a very detailed interview with the game's designer, Andrea Angiolino.

This is a must read for any fan of the Wings or War or Dawn of War game series. You can view the interview via this link...

Andrea Angiolino Interview


Keith "Col. Hajj" Upton
Wings of War Aerodrome

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Yay, a Halberstadt DII model in serie 5 :) (even though I would prefer Fokker DIII, Of course Richtoffen flew the first while Udet and Kissenberth flew the DIII so I guess it is another victory for the red baron ;).

Great interview, nice to hear that they will add more 1916 planes, the period I myself think that the game so far is lacking most in.

Thanks for posting the link, and thanks to Andrea for making it :)


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