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Pacific NW Coc Regionals are THIS weekend @ ETX!

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This weekend, in Tacoma Washington, is the first annual ETX (Evergreen Tabletop Expo)! What exactly does that mean? Well, it is a combination Tabletop gaming convention and Regional event for FFG competitive games such as Android: Netrunner and Star Wars X-Wing. This is a full fledge tabletop gaming convention (think along the lines of a smaller GenCon or Origins), with general board game play, RPG sessions, vendor booth, game demos, special guest and much, much more! Here is a taste of some of the other things we have going on:

FFG Tournaments:

LCG Regionals (Netrunner, Star Wars, Warhammer Conquest, Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu)


Imperial Assault

Star Wars Armada

Twilight Imperium


Game of Thrones Board Game

Cosmic Encounter

Netrunner Draft

Game of Thrones Card Game Draft

Tabletop Tournaments:

Dice Masters


Star Realms

Golem Arcana

Krosmaster Arena


...and many more!

Lady Planeswalker Society Presents:

Magic: The Gathering Draft Tournaments

Magic: The Gathering Sealed Tournaments

Side Events for all of those listed above plus:

Lord of the Rings LCG


Eldritch Horror

Warhammer Conquest



Elder Sign

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Special Guests Include:

Mike Selinker

Paul Peterson

James Ernest

Mike Elliott

Devin Low

Liz Spain

& more!

Publishers Demoing Games Include:

Arcane Wonders


Harebrained Schemes

Flying Frog Productions

Green Ronin Publishing

Calliope Games

Lone Shark Games


Japanime Games

Catalyst Game Labs

& more!

Event Sponsored by:

Fantasy Flight Games


Lone Shark Games

inked Playmats

We will have live streaming of our Regional Events, with games played on Geek Chic customer gaming tables! Also, we will have custom playmats by Inked Playmats for prizes!

Many more industry artists, game designers, vendor stores and local publishers will be present!   

A conference room set aside for roleplaying with Free RPG Day give-aways  will also be at the event.

Plus open play space and a vast demo library for players to try out lots of new games. Demo teams on hand to help you learn new games.

Tickets will be $10 General Admission and $15 per Regional entry at the event. There is an online exclusive pre-registration special for $20 that includes General Admission into Evergreen Tabletop Expo and entry into one Regional.

For more details, please visit (www.unclesgames.com/etx)

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