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New player here. Questions?

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1) Can you by more than 5 cards of level 1 tech?   OR any other level for that matter


Gold and Coin:

1) When you get gold, do you always move the dial

2) Do you get gold immediately when your scout moves on top of it

3) Once you have gold in your outskirts, do you have to harvest it to add it or do you just get it during the city phase.



1) is there any limit to the number of wonders>



1) If you get an upgraded building card, but don't have the basic card do you just skip it and always build the upgraded card

2) If you have non upgraded building and get an upgraded tech, that allows an upgraded building can you just upgrade the existing building on the map.   Or do you have to remove the building on the map to build a new one.





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Tech 1: Yes, you can have all the level one techs you want.  Every level above that, as long as you have a large enough base under it, then you can have that many.

Gold and Coin 1: Yes

Gold and Coin 2: Yes (only add to the dial, you do not physically get a coin -- this matters if you have the expansion for investments)

Gold and Coin 3: You do not harvest the coin, you just add it to your dial immediately and it remains there unless you build a structure on top of it.

Wonders 1: You can have one wonder in each of your cities.  If you already have a wonder in a city, then you must destroy it to place a new one.

Building 1: If you have the upgraded building tech, then you can only build the upgraded building -- you do not need to have researched the basic building.

Building 2: If you research a tech that has an upgraded building, you immediately flip the non upgraded building over.

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