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GML's repaint thread

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The first model I repainted was a TIE fighter, and that can be found here.


I did the rest of my models up over the past couple of days.  Now, I didn't put my top effort into them because the tournament scene differs from Warhammer in that it doesn't appear to focus on painting results (that I can see).  I just have something different from everybody else.  And here are the results:


TIE Advanced:
TIE Interceptors:
TIE Fighters:
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The cockpit is actually rather easy.  The gradients and cockpit are both done the same way; it's all just layers.  I start with a base of Khorne Red (Citadel paint), and then add a drop of black at a time to get the darker shades, and drops of Evil Suns Scarlet to get the brighter shades until I am painting with pure Scarlet.


Takes a while, but I like the overall effect at the end.

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Firespray is 95% complete.  The only thing I want to add to it is the engine glow.  I did it as a different colour scheme from the rest of my Imperials because the pilots are not truly Imperial.  So the unifying colour is the black/grey and the touch of red, but the blue is used to make it apparent that they are not true believers.



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