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Better extremely minimalist character sheet

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I've created a more pragmatic and minimalistic character sheet from my experience in games. I recommend printing it on to two separate sheets of A4 paper (the backs of pages are good for buying xp or keeping campaign notes). Here's the link:




Here are the changes:

No background! Save on printer ink!


The XP costs for matching aptitudes for Talents, Skills, and Characteristics are on the character sheet, as are the matching aptitudes for each skill and Characteristic. No more book flipping!


The two pages are divided into a combat page and general roleplay page


There's a specific section for you to put your weapon training talents (probably a little bit large, but there should be a place).


Anyway, this is extremely bare bones, and any changes or suggestions would be welcome. I may add on a separate psyker page, as psychic powers play significantly differently from the rest of the game.

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