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Jamaican Lumberjack

3 ship biggs corran build

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Just started playing a few weeks ago, but I went 4-1 in my first tournament with the following build


Corran horn



-Advanced Sensors

Roark Garnet

-Ion Cannon Turret

-Moldy Crow

-Jan Ors

Biggs Darklighter


The basic idea is putting an evade token on biggs to keep him alive while corran blows stuff up with marksmanship double tap. It worked well, beating soontir/chiraneau, panic attack, another corran build with a stress bot y, and a fat chewie with a wing escorts. roark pulled his weight with his pilot ability allowing corran to outshoot soontir and allowing biggs to take the stress from rebel captive instead of corran. The one game i lost was against a brobots list as ioning large ships is hard and HLC's burned through biggs too fast for him to have an impact. 


Since this time I picked up a B-wing and changed things around by removing roark for a blue with Jan, advanced sensors, and an ion cannon with fire control system on corran. I am not sure whether I like the ion cannon on the blue or the mech that gives boost and target lock on biggs better. Thoughts?

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Corran horn would be the target. If he goes early, there's not much else. And..... Arc dodgy ships can get around and get horn in firing arc and miss Biggs. But it would b good to try out. I like Roark ability, it helps against phantoms with vi. If they get initiative Corran horn is in big trouble. 

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I don't like the idea of tying Horn to Biggs. Part of what makes Horn awesome is that he can be pretty mobile with the decent dial and barrel roll. Horn needs FCS in my opinion. It works so well with his ability. Not a fan of Marksmanship at all. It does help the double tap, but they you expose yourself to return fire without any defense tokens. But hey, sounds like it has worked for you.

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I ran a similar list at my first tournament. Marksman Corran always seems like a good idea, but he basically dies if 2 or more tie fighters even look at him.

If you want to run Biggs and Corran try this:





Shield or Engine



Gold squadron pilot

Ion cannon turret

Btl-A4 title


It has two must-kill-first targets and also Biggs. If you run Corran out to the side a bit so that people will try to kill him first it's pretty good. If Corran gets into trouble just bring Biggs over and recover.

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I also do not enjoy tying corran to biggs



apart from arc-dodging, I'm generally never worried if one or two ships have beads on the E-wing. It dies much more slowly than basically any other small rebel ship, especially with push the limit stacking focus + evade +  r2-d2.


Unless corran runs head-first into all the firing arcs, the opponent is going to want to target the fragile x-wing anyway



although, TTR up there did nail Bigg's one great use: Heavy Laser Cannon sponge



no one likes getting hit by HLCs, not Corran and especially not the Y-wing. But Biggs? Well he's going to die anyway, might as well eat 3 shots while he's doing it.

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The vulnerability to arc dodgers makes a lot of sense. The only time i won against an arc dodger was when a soontir player made a bad placement getting him caught in corran's arc with marksmanship up.  Soonts was not alive after that turn, :P


that build with the warthog y-wing looks delightful! Unfortunately i dont think i will be picking up the rebel transport any time soon. :( 


Thanks for the advise guys. I will try some stuff out and post with updates.

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