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Yavaris title activating Dutch Vander

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Dutch's ability, When a squadron you attack suffers at least 1 damage, you may toggle its activation slider to the activated side. If it was already activated, it suffers 1 additional damage instead.

Squadrons activated by Yavaris may attack twice if they do not move.


So, Yavaris activate Vander who shoots a Tie for 1 damage. This activates the TIE. Vander then attacks a second time scoring 1 damage. Since the TIE is now activated, it takes an additional damage (and dies).


A second Vander-trick...attack 1 squadron and activate it, then use your second attack on a different squadron and activate that one too.


Does anyone read this combination differently?

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Just make sure Adar Tallon is on a different ship  ;)

Why? Does he interfere with Yavaris somehow?



I think I've found what you mean. It's so you can move and attack with him from the first ship squad command and then attack twice from Yav activation all during the first turn of squadron encounters. whereas if he's on Yavaris you would attack twice when it activates and once in the squadron phase?

I was originally thinking of activating Dutch and Wedge from Yavaris so they could nail two squads.


It may therefore be better to have Adar on Haven and Raymus on Yavaris.

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And you want Raymus on Yavaris because: squadron command + auto-token = 3 squadrons activated x2 = six shots fired


In an ideal world (or against an inexperienced opponent) this is after the enemy alpha strike has crashed against Haven, doing little damage to your elite pilots.


Followed by Haven activating a handful of squadrons (one of them Wedge), Adar Tallon rebooting Wedge - who should be in command range of the Yavaris - and in shooting range of the enemy!


In reality is rarely works out quite that well, but the combination of Raymus/Yavaris + Tallon/Haven + elite rebel pilots, does offer quite a few tactical options. Staying power and/or firepower - often enough to win the squadron game. 

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