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Fury of Dracula Anniversary Edition...The Future?

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I've been watching for a reprint of FoD for 2 years now. Obviously I've been unsuccessful in this hunt. My hope for a new reprint diminished as the months passed until I had this epiphany. Perhaps FFG is waiting until the 30th Anniversary of FoD, which should be occurring in 2017. I admit this is a really long time to wait considering I’ve already waited 2 years. However I may be good with this considering what an Anniversary Edition could mean. I can just imagine the hand painted miniatures with wooden tokens already. This would appeal to the people that already own FoD and would give a new opportunity for us trying to get into the game as well. To me this is a win for everyone. Needless to say this gets my vote. FFG has a chance to really blow us away with this and I certainly hope it happens. If capital is a problem hopefully they will allow us to crowdsource it. Here's to the future.

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