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LoR campaign report

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Fresh off a defeat by the heroes in the Shadow Rune campaign (base game only), my play group and I have decided to start a new Labyrinth of Ruin campaign. As I got completely trounced by the Syndrael, Jain, Tarha, Avric team, this time I vowed to pay the heroes back 10 fold.
Labyrinth of Ruin Campaign Report
Current Mission: Gathering Fortold
Components in play: Base Game, LoR, Trollfens, Crusade of the Forgotten, Zacareth Pack
Heroes and Classes: Pathfinder Durik as Beastmaster, Astarra as Necromancer, Tethyrs as Treasure Hunter, Ulma Grimstone as Apothecary
OL choices: Basic 1 deck and Zacareth plot deck (Baron Z will have his revenge!). OL will proceed down the infector class deck.

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Quest 1: Introduction - Ruinous Whispers
Goals: Heroes - kill all monsters, OL - escape with villager token
Monsters: Goblin Witchers and Goblin Archers
On turn 1 the heroes decided to move into the large room with the idea to try and kill as many monsters as possible. Their idea was that only 1 witcher and 1 archer would respawn so the quicker they could knock the numbers down the better. At the end of the turn Astarra was left out in the open and was killed by goblin archers. Meanwhile, a witcher made it close to the woman. The heroes began to whittle down the monster count during their 2nd turn killing at least 3. During the OL turn the witcher picked up the woman, and the archers pounced on Durik, killing him and moving towards the witcher carrying the woman. The heroes managed to kill 3 more goblins on their next turn. The OL downed Tethyrs on the next turn and managed to curse Durik and kill the wolf. On his next turn Durik passed the check (the luck!) and the curse was discarded. At one point Tethyrs searched and found the Cursed Tomb secret room. She passed 3 of the 4 checks and ended up walking away with 75 gold. The rest of the mission ended up decently close, the heroes whittled down to 4 goblins due to a nice heroic feat by Tethyrs (going to have to watch out for that one), but slowly the old woman made progress toward the exit. The OL had the old woman 2 spaces from the exit and the heroes could not get in position to block so the OL had the win next turn if he survived. The heroes had the goblin count to 4 and thought they might knock it down to 2 on this turn but couldn't do better than that so they grabbed an extra search instead. On the OLs turn instead of immediately winning, he first knocked out Ulma Grimstone, then used his reinforcing witcher to pick up the woman and escape. All in all it was rather balanced, the OL rolled well, the heroes had more than their fair share of misses, and it turned out decently close.
Results: Overlord Victory.
All gain 1 XP
Heroes searched 3 tokens for a total of 175 gold
OL gains Sun's Fury Relic
OL gains 6 threat
Campaign Phase 1
Hero Gold Before: 175
Hero Gold After: 50 (-125 spent)
OL Threat Before: 7 (+1 for playing rumor)
OL Threat After: 1

The Heroes purchase the following skills: None

The OL purchases the following cards: Contaminated, Meticulous Planning, Two Pronged Gambit


The shop deck spurns the heroes, they choose to buy an iron shield and a leather armor and give them to Tethyrs and Ulma respectively.

The OL plays the "Crusade of the Forgotten" rumor card to gain 1 threat.
The OL chooses A Gathering Fortold be played.
During Travel step the Heroes gain 1 search card and manage to win a steel broadsword at the cost of 2 damage on Durik, Durik keeps the weapon in his inventory.
To be continued....
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Currently my playgroup (me as the Overlord vs 4 heroes) is going through this campaign as well and from playing previously I've found that winning the first Quest is a huge up swing for the Overlord (The sun's relic is very powerful on certain heroes) so it seems like you're on the right path! :D

Good luck on future missions, just as a tip as well, it's good to stay away from the quests that give their Ally abilities. Also try and kill them as soon as possible especially if it is Serena... (Free healing is a no-no).

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